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Hello! TheDarkCounsel is recruiting!

We're in the epic league.
We've existed only a little over 3 months!
We're officially a top guild so our current goal is to become capable to compete with the top 4.
We're currently ranked 11th.

What you need to apply: (Need 2 of the following) (Apply on this forum if you're interested)
1. A rating of 1750+
2. A win loss ratio of 3/1+
3. A recommendation from someone ranked duke or up in the guild. (Typically gotten by playing a game with them)
4. The promise that you'll be active.

1. Stay active!
- Inactivity for a week without notice of why you're being inactive, you'll be kicked.
- If you're less active than I see fit, you'll receive a warning in the message board, and will be kicked if you don't improve. (Squire can be kicked at any time. Knights I give at least a week to improve.)
2. Stay strong!
- If your win ratio falls below 60% you MUST talk with duke or the king to see about improving your deck, or you'll receive a warning and will be kicked if you don't improve.
3. Participate
- You must contribute AT LEAST 200 wins per league season.
- Failure to do this in a season, the next season I'll ask double of you. Failure again = kicked.
(This rule mostly goes for strong dukes or knights that go off on vacation or what not.)

King - The dictator, he can do whatever he wants.
Dukes - Dukes are the responsible people of the guild that I can trust to help manage the guild. I also ask that they're the most active players of the guild to set a good example for the lesser ranked.
Knights - Power houses of the guild. All that is expected of them is to stay active and to stay strong.
Squires - On the verge of being kicked. This goes for inactive players and players that have recently joined.

Meet the guild:

DarkPheonix12 - Leader of darkness! Active, on often, and willing to help fellow guild mates improve. ;P For selfish reasons of course.

KKanon - QDC master! Active, friendly, and one of the guild's power players.
Ralphie8on - Former member of Forfeitordie, A active, social-able, power player in the guild.
EmeraldEgg - Ancient Masta!(Or something) Social and active.
Kessek - Our all mighty MOD! Fear his ability to ban you! Mwhahaha!


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Hello! I'm not really an ancient master, it's just I almost only play bahamut because I'm too lazy to buy another hero and/or don't feel like making a new deck. Anyway, we'll definitely be in the gold league next season, so get on the bandwagon before we were cool! XD


Can I just post here and profess my love towards Kessek and his wondrous beauty????

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It depends, are you going to join us?? Lol, jk, of course you can. I myself keep my opinion of his beauty secret but if that's how you roll, go for it.

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A 4/1 win/loss ratio seems a bit excessive imo. Mine is less than 3/1 and not everyone farms the campaign. I would suggest a standard rating requirement instead. I know ratings fluctuate but you figure if they apply when their ratings high its a pretty good indicator of what they are capable of.


That's why I have so many alternative ways to get into the guild. Getting a recommendation and saying "I will be active" Are both really easy things to do. Adding in the multiple other things, it's really easy to get in the guild. (Although it's also easy to get kicked if you don't stay active)

Also, there is a standered rating requirement. 1750. You only need 2 of 4 of the things listed.


ooh im a power player sounds good to me :)