How do you solve a problem like Arcanos?

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Princess Heartburn
How do you solve a problem like Arcanos?

Lemme say first that I'm hesitant to add another voice to the "such-and-such hero is OP" cacophony. In various places on this forum and the Kong forum, nearly every T2 and T3 hero has been accused of being insurmountably powerful at some point since live PvP began. Which I think is a good sign that the heroes are fairly well balanced and that there are multiple viable play styles.

But . . . Arcanos seems to come up in discussions most often. I don't know if that's because he's really OP, or just because the way in which he wins - when he wins - seems too unfair. When I'm down 15 HP to 2 HP and I win on a Dim Rip - Harness Ltng - GFE - Outburst - attack combo, I feel for the other player (well, ok, I crack a smile too).

Every CCG has its rush decks, and they're usually not very popular with the players who don't play them. There's always the risk of the game devolving into 50% of players (or more) using a rush deck, because it's too frustrating to play against it. I don't have a good concept of how common Arcanos is at the top of the ladder (I only play about 30ish matches a day, so I hover around rank 100 in Standard and only win 55% of the time or so), but patrickmahan and I had a 3-game Arcanos v. Arcanos set this morning. Only one of the games went past turn 3. Nice for gold farming, but less fun than a back and forth 10-turn game.

Thoughts on the need to nerf Arcanos? Best way to do it if it does need to be done?


Every game has red deck wins or it isn't a good card game. It's not a problem unless the top levels become saturated with it. It's self-regulating because most people get no enjoyment out of playing a skill-less deck.


There are no Arcanos on top.

Princess Heartburn

Thanks, that's what I wanted to know most of all.


It's because I got bored of it.

Arcanos tho needs a very slight nerf.

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Huh, didn't think of using Dimensional Rip. Thanks for the tip!

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I hate these OP/nerf threads... Soon we find out that every hero is OP and they all need to be nerfed, until someone listens and they mess up a good concept. Like how Akatril was "too powerful" with her flying creatures and became just another addition to the saltless "I build up mana for 6 turns then I one-shot you" group where so many other heroes already reside.

Let me step off my soapbox and continue...

So Arcanos can summon a Hasted 5-attack creature to deal damage on his 4th turn. Well whoop di doop. Other heroes can do much, much worse combos.
Even this you can only do provided you are lucky enough to pull a GFE early. And your opponent doesn't block up the way with high-health and reassembling creatures or you have enough fireballs/mana to clear the path.
Which, as soon as he sees your hero, the other guy SHOULD be doing. (prepare a full row of creatures to block you before the 4th turn that is.)
As well as he should be:
- finding out if you're a spell-heavy or Haste-creature heavy Arcanos, and force you waste your mana on Fireballs with cheap high hitting creatures
- building up gears (the best response against ALL creature field controlling heroes, whether it's Willoryn with her Time Rift or Jorma or Abaddon)
- NOT throw him any low-healths to kill; that's an opportunity for him to deal bonus damage to -you- (with Harness Fire). Simply witholding your creatures is sometimes the best way to drive an Arcanos player crazy.

Can you maybe share your deck, maybe this 3 turn winning one (I'm more inclined to think it's a result of Arcanos VS Arcanos - low health Haste creatures and fireballs, lucky draw wins) but maybe it IS powerful.

As things are, I hear constant cries that Willoryn is OP because she can block creatures and drill you down with gears, and Uunys of course needs no introduction as she's constantly called a newbies' best and only chance. As many of you too probably, I would like to see a slight improvement to Grovenhold and Belnir so that all heroes are on en even field, rather than accidentally ruining something that was fun but "needed a slight nerf".

From Princess' description, I don't really see how Arcanos is in any way exceptional. Dimensional Rip's ability to turn a battle around (cast several of them when you're on 1 health and execute your opponent with a blind one-legged creature) is part of its intended design. (There are other come back from 0 cards, Horde of Wyrms comes to mind.)

(Btw Arcanos did get a slight nerf recently (...which I thought was unneccessary) as his Farness Fire now selects targets before other damage is dealt, and it may target the same creature more than once or choose a creature that already will die from other damage, causing much of this extra damage to be simply lost.)

PS Doesn't mean I think the Dimensional Rip + rush deck combo isn't an excellent point to bring up, it is!

Princess Heartburn

Having read the comments I agree with you that Arcanos is probably fine as he is. You're also right that the if there is an imbalance in the T2 heroes, it more that a couple of them need a boost rather than the rest needing a nerf.

As far as my specific deck - as I said, it barely win more than half the time. I peaked at a 98 ranking on the Standard ladder today. But I'm missing a lot of the best cards for this type of deck (e.g. I'm using Thundercats to substitute for Maelstrom Champs, and Flash Fires because I don't have any Fireballs), so I was curious whether anyone had broken the game with those better cards (not to mention some of the Eve elemental cards, of which I have almost none). The only reason Arcanos is my go-to for gold farming is because he shortens the length of the matches. Maybe I could win slightly more often with Uunys, but the matches would take a few turns longer on average, and it would take longer to get through the 25 bonus wins each day.

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Dimensional Rip's damage is rounded up. If you use it at 1 life, you will kill yourself. You *are* right, though.

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There's another thing that would greatly help that just occurred to me: more Resist cards. Why is this basic ability so rare? Fae aren't much help with their Resist and 1 health (unless your silly Arcanos foe stocked himself with Sparks); Ward Mage is put into decks ONLY in case there is an Arcanos battle. The only otherhalfway decent card I can think of is Illusionist. (Cast an Illusionist just before Arcanos' 4th turn and watch your opponent's face (or timer).)
If Resist was a more common ability, Arcanos would lose much of his ability. MAYBE too much (remember, 'I' think he's fine; he's too specialized to stand a chance if his primary strategy does not work, you only need to manage to throw one wrench in the works), but that could help you.