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Singleton Challenge

It's not really a good idea to have a challenge that depends entirely on luck...limiting the player to singleton commons in a 60 card deck while giving the opponent a heavily stacked deck does exactly that.

I'd be interested to hear what the stats are on players succeeding at this challenge. Given the paltry 2 gem reward it seems a bit ridiculous. Remember: Challenging is fun. Ridiculously frustrating and beyond any reasonable control of the player is not.

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Since it isn't my idea of fun and the reward is only 2 gems, I haven't attempted it. I still manage to have fun with lots of other things in this game.

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I have yet to even pass the challenge using any singleton deck (although I only tried it once). Any suggestions on best hero/deck to just pass the challenge?

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I did it way back when drav had manufacture... it seems like drav might still be the way to go to tinker into diryam (although that requires Diryam!!)

Its a tough challenge, requires a lot of luck no matter how you slice it, but realm crusher could help, too.

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I did it with Baha before changes. The main thing is to remember he needs corpses to turn into angels, so anything you can do to limit or control corpses is good. The deck is pretty much 1 of every epic in the game, so he he has number of gear and spells that are often misplayed by AI.

I think it took me about 6-7 tries (with commons), but eventually he got enough bad draws and I was able to obliterate his creatures and get enough buffed damage to win. I agree 2 gems is not worth it for this one, but it was like 10-15 before. The best way to approach the hard challenges to is to make your best deck, then dedicate all your energy to the challenge until you win, while tweaking the deck if it seems way off.