v0.9.4.2 Dev Notes

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v0.9.4.2 Dev Notes

v0.9.4.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:00pm EST on 5/14/13


More Draft and Sealed!
We have more than doubled the number of Draft and Sealed events with a new one now starting every half hour, alternating between the two types. We have also added multi-set Draft and Sealed events.

4/4 Core/Eve Split
3/3/2 Core/Eve/Rise Split

2/3 Core/Eve Split
1/2/2 Core/Eve/Rise Split
2/3 Eve/Rise Split


- Fixed a bug with players disconnecting causing tournaments to not move on to the next round
- Tournament Full panel now appears properly when registration is full
- Tournaments now show how many total rounds it is inside the tournament lobby
- Win % in tie breakers is now fixed
- fixed the liveplay error "Game Already Exists"
- Buttons for tie breakers/leaderboard has switched so its more consistent with trophy cup meaning the leaderboard