Stall deck concept with Dravkas

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Stall deck concept with Dravkas

I whipped up an idea for a stall deck.

Please give advice and tell me the pros and cons you see in this deck. Tell me how to make it better. I'm going to try and make this deck someday.

Hero: Dravkas
This is will be a half gear, half creature deck.

Purpose of the cards:
Compound cube- The deck will revolve around this card.

3x elvish shankers (creature)
4x toxic immobilizer (creature)
2x toxic concoction (spell)
2x Wicked blasphemor
cursed tome
goblin depleter

The purpose of this deck is to cripple the enemy creatures and make sure that the opposing player will never control the board. Toxic immobilizer, with the ability to prevent poisoned creatures from attacking, should be very dangerous to any creature. Tinker should replace elvish shanker with toxic immobilizer, which would give the way opposing creature a whooping 4 poison right off the bat, if the gears are up.

3x soothesayer
2x chronomancer
2x disarm
nimble fae
fae timekeeper
blessed tome
grave fulfillment
honored monk
splosive gnome

These cards make up the defensive part of the deck. On top of poison, the enemy creatures will also be slowed. The number of slowed on the enemy creatures will intensify became of compound cube. The creatures should survive long enough to stack up on blessed tome buffs.

2x Hero ring
2x spell bridge
4x thought destroyer
2x engineer's ring
thought retriever

These cards are the backbone of the deck. This stall deck will not dish out much damage, so I will depend on thought destroyer to finish the enemy off. Dravka's manufacture ability should be able to keep pumping out gears once the hero rings are up.

The runeword, Indestructible, will help keep the gears alive, as well as canceling any runewords the enemy put into play.


you need to take out soothsayer if tinkering on to immobiliser is key to your plans

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Nah. Tinker isn't that important, although the extra poison will rock. I find that soothsayer is a great defensive creature.


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