Akatril died

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Akatril died

I really like the holy side of this game but it's impossible to make a decent balanced deck that is competitive againt other t3 heros (even against some t2 heros).

Holy summon = useless , to expensive to use
Final Judgement = usefull but 6 charges and useless against 60% of decks that don't depend on creatures
Divine Fury = no point in casting if holy creatures are so weak they die almost instantly

I don't ask to make her OP or so just to bring back balance between all t3 hero's.
What is your opinion about this and do you got any suggestion?

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I agree with Servlet about the need of a buff. I don't have Akatril myself, but she seems really underpowered when I play against her. I'd also like to buy her, but not in the state she is now.

First of all, angels are too expensive: 3 mana for a 2/2 flying could work, but 4 or 5 mana to summon a mediocre flier is out of discussion in a PvP game.
Creatures are also very fragile at high levels, because other T3s have mass removals (Jorma-Tide, Baha-Obliterate) or single steals (UK combo and Charms). So, even if you somehow manage to get a decent army going through all the nukes/enemy creatures, you are not guaranteed to do anything with your army.

Akatril will hardly ever reach late game vs an average T3 enemy (and some good T2s), especially if you consider the actual metagame in PvP, which is very oriented on nukes and haste creatures.
Therefore I propose to buff Akatril's mid-game, giving her less expensive angels and maybe a more survival-oriented buff, like a +1/+1 instead of a +2 attack. This way, she has a chance to recover from enemy nukes/Tidal/Obliterate and all the other things that wipe out her (weak) army.

I mean: she is the Angel General, right? Then she should be the one controlling the battlefield, not the one waiting for the +2/+3 buff for the final sneaky attack!


Holy Summon - Like all mana-based abilities, this is much more effective with mages' mantles. Summoning a 2/2 flyer every turn without using cards is pretty awesome.

Final Judgement - 6 charges is a lot, but it fortunately isn't useless against creatureless decks with the heal. Maybe make it so lvl 1 does 2 damage/2 heal, lvl 2 is 4/4, and lvl 3 kills/heals.

Divine Fury - The problem with this ability is that there is little strategy involved. Holy doesn't have any creatures with haste, right? I mean you could add haste-granting cards but they aren't very efficient. So your opponent will always know this is coming unless you fill up your charges on your turn via rejuve potion etc.

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I liked her a lot before the previous update when she was basically the Flying master. Fliers are a great challenge because they can attack above the enemy's head if the other was summoned later. So Akatril made you think about being prepared for a flying attack with spells, Haste, Ranged, and getting your creatures on the board first.

Now she's a weaker Abaddon v 2.0 who's waiting with the big buffer (Divine Fury) in hand.

I'm not quite sure why the angel ability needed a debuff. A 2,2,Flying creature was already expensive for 3 mana, who do you think would buy one for 4?


You're not taking into account that the ability doesn't cost a card. That's worth a mana alone. I think at 3 mana it's a little underpriced and at 4 it's a little overpriced. Maybe make the 2-point skill give you a 2/1 flyer instead of a 1/2?

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I just played against a lich for a few games in a row as akatril. She/he has a few epics a bunch of un/commens , ergo not really good card. I got a bunch of epics and rares. End score is 7 loses and 1 win.
Iether something is wrong or that is just bad bad luck? you tell me....

I need to defend against his creatures and try to provoce a FN without spending to much mana and then make my strike and pray she/he doesn't play a aoe spell or we are back to sqaure one... hopeless

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Akatril definitely needs some help; I think Dravkas does, too, but that's another topic altogether.

If the angel summon is somehow too powerful as a 2/2 for 3, make it a 2/3 angel for 6/5/4 mana. Most Akatril players used the 2/3s for extra survivability before the nerf anyway.

Final Judgment is less effective against non-creature-based decks, sure, but so are Obliterate, Tidal Force, Frost Nova, etc. I'm not sure, however, that drawback-free creature destruction is really in flavor. Holy's other offensive spells mainly affect Undead (or don't kill, like Pacify). Maybe this could be an aoe heal/buff ability instead? +1 hp to each ally creature and heal them to full?

Divine Fury... I think the main issue is that Akatril doesn't constantly have a board full of angels anymore. If she manages to survive long enough to use this ability, she's probably not in a good position to make use of it. It seemed fine to me before, so maybe fixing the angel summon will help.

Honestly, though, did anyone feel Akatril was ever overpowered? She was a solid hero for sure, but I still don't understand what brought this nerf on in the first place.

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my main deck is using akatril i get a decent win rate in standard ~ 60% Final judgement is nice as it is now imo but the angel summon shd really go to 2/3/4 mana to make it more viable


I agree. Of all the T3 heroes she's by far the worst (assuming you have the cards for the dwarf). She's not even as good as some of the T2s (Frost nova needs to be tuned down). Right now Arkatril has been a waste of $20. It's rather pathetic how bad she is.

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Akatril was awesome before the nerf and they should bring this character back as the "flight master". Akatril should be all about Flying creatures.

Flying critters are a great strategic tool. If you can place them on the board before the opponent can place their own creature, they get a free attack against the enemy hero. This ability to reduce the opponent's life points while STILL blocking is what makes this ability so powerful. (I find that a lot of new players instead think that Flying is just a weak ability - the lack of mid-range fliers with more than 1-2 healths/attacks or fair prices is probably to blame.)

My initial battles against old!Akatril revolved largely around trying to place an attacker before he could, and swearing under my breath that I'd refit my deck with more Flying, fireballs and Haste. And I think that was great! If a hero forces you to adapt and rethink rather than spamming the same killer technique with the same hero against everybody, that makes things more interesting.

(Incindentally here's another thing: Akatril could be great against Uunys. Versus everyone else Uunys can be a flawless blocker: he can bring back a corpse, then fill its slot again when it disappears (Skeletons have Dust). Summoning sickness does not inhibit him the least as blocking only requires that the creature is on the board. However, this strategy does not work against Flying creatures; your creature has to be ready to attack to remove them. This would mean that not only do UUnys players finally experience some unusual foe to challenge them to think outside their comfort zones, but Holy and Undead also happen to be thematic foes!)

I think this could be achieved simply enough by dropping the price of a 2,2,Flying Angel from 4 to 3 mana. (It does not really belong here, but give Roaming Spirit a Dust please. For a 3 mana card and not an ability it deserves that extra.)
Reinstating her old prices (-1 mana) would work fine:

•Level 1 - Cost: 2 Mana, 1/2 Holy "Angel" with Flying
•Level 2 - Cost: 3 Mana, 2/2 Holy "Angel" with Flying
•Level 3 - Cost: 4 Mana, 2/3 Holy "Angel" with Flying

A 1,2 Angel for just 2 mana? Yeah yeah, but see with Flying it's the attack number that matters the most. A row of angelic fliers with just 1 attack can still only deal a maximum of 3x1 damage, which is managable. (If you disagree with me, maybe they can be made 1,1,Flying, or rather the variable price could simply be removed and kept at a fixed 3 mana on the 1st level.)

In fact, angels should be heavily relying on Divine Furry to make them a high-hitting threat.
However, the +3 attack on the 8th turn is an overkill. I think the devs bought in the perception a bit that raising the price (charge) can make a powerful ability balanced. Instead, they created a bunch of heroes with mid-game rushes who suddenly becomes powerful when a slow ability loads. I'd take a quick loading ability that results in a strategy consistent thorough your game and mixes well with the kingdom's cards rather than being self-reliant any day.

Actually I have a joke about that:

The T3 heroes walk into a bar. Dravkas turns to Bahamut:
"I haven't seen you before. What's YOUR special ability?"
Bahamut: *proudly* I have a skill that can destroy all my enemies if fail to defeat me by their 12th turn.
*the others look at each other and laugh*
Bahamut: *furious* How dare you!
Dravkas: Dude. 12th? *points to the others* All these guys can already do it on their 6th.
(PS And now you know why Ancient and Alchemy are at odds.)

And that's the cold hard truth. What's the deal with everyone stealing Bahamut's shtick? I'll forget Abaddon since he's already a lost cause, but Akatril does NOT need to be the umptieth late-game charge dependent hero.

So I'd cap Divine Fury at +2 attack for everyone. It should be noted that DF is progressively stacking; if you manage to cast it a second time, it is added to the previous attack increase. However, I like that about it, too. If a low hitting Angel can slowly become a serious threatif you ignore it, I like that. But that'd mean low attack Angels and a more frequently caastable Divine Fury. (Maybe 1-attack Angels with a health increase (1,1; 1,2;1,3; 1,4 would work better?...I don't know.)