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As part of the ongoing project to better the wiki I am going to create a page detailing all the little nuiances of cards. For example most of us know thundercat does 1magical damage before it assigns its damage to creature/hero. This page would be helpful to new players and vets alike.

Just one problem..... this is going to be an incredibly long and detailed page and in order to do that I need YOU! the community to help me out. Just post below any card from any released set and how best you would describe the bug/ruling/nuiance. I will be creating a spreadsheet soon to keep track of progress!

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My darling Gob Hogs are riddled with bugs and nuiances. If it is the turn they are revived (and still in the exhausted state) a flashback will not allow them to attack the next turn (they will still be in the exhausted state)

If you have less than 10 cards in your graveyard and two Gob Hog Corpses, neither will revive :(

The most annoying, if your Gob Hog dies on your turn because of poison and you dont have 5 cards in your grave, BUT manage to get 5 during that turn, he will still not revive the next turn.

You can put basic rules of play like not using the middle lane if you have two creatures because of fireball and others, and how thunder cat and the new holy 2 drop should be placed on the top lane almost always because of how their abilities trigger. How noran can target untargetable creatures with polymorph.
And maybe describe the healing of Legionarre and Bloodshire in detail. To remember to play hellion second. Cards that can negatively affect your own cards such as dwarven sot and Dart gun

Maybe how if they are new Vulgrath and Werewolves are some of the best value with gems (both are very undercosted devs)

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It's nice to have two cards in the game that are affordable.

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Sorry I like supporting the devs :/


-Roaming bloodsire is riddled with bugs.
-ive heard spiked armor has bugs, but im not sure what they are.
-after Aryn, Knight Damned dies you lose one life (I hate this one!)
- Charge thief will not steal a charge if he is weakened to 0 damage (working as intended, but should be clarified to the reader)
- Ive seen Death Knight sometimes gain a reassemble if the creature opposite kills it and they both die, and sometimes Ive seen him not gain a reassemble.

that's all I can think of for now

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I am curious about Roaming Bloodsire - what are the bugs and what is the intended effect? The card is one of the most difficult to understand in the game imo.

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Well we aren't trying to detail bugs here just interactions that are intentional but not necessarily obvious. Of course this is going to be a bit tricky because alot of situations are still unclear as to whether they are considered bugs or not. but anyway

Meteor will revive a pheonix before it resolves and then deal the 5 damage killing it.

Hero Ring will always give you 2 charges on your turn if possible that is it will check to see if a skill is maxed before assigning which charge to add.

If you play power cast then cast any light alliance multi token summon (illusionist, exalted enforcements spiritual gathering) only the creature in the top most lane will get the attack bonus.

Volatile concoction triggers calculates damage separately for each creature.

Attack buffs given from empower or state based sources such as war drums and warmonger minotaur are not strong effects.

Blunderbuss will not destroy itself until there are no other gears in play. It will destroy other ally gears and it will destroy other copies of blunderbuss regardless of who controls them.

Corpses made via Fresh Burial and Grave Fulfillment are corpses of 1/1 skeletons with dust

Regen triggers before Poison. However if the creature is at full hp regen does not trigger that turn.

Both physical and magic damage done to Eternal Dragon are reduced to 1 but life loss effects are not.

Skybreaker Giant is unaffected by destroy effects including those you control. Effects that remove a creature from the game are not destroy effects and as such can be played on Skybreaker.
(Hurl/Divine Expulsion)

Recoil only prevents creature cards from being played. It does not prevent creature from entering the battlefield via spell cards or hero abilities.

Indestructible does not prevent gear from destroying itself. wish it did :*(

Rather than causing an enemy hero to lose life damage done by Sylph Mindsapper is in the form of milling cards. Mindsapper does do normal combat damage to other creatures.

Compound Cube adds to each instance of a status effect. For example Wicked Blasphemer would give curse 4 with a compound cube in play not curse 6.

Enemy heros still gain charges with Diryam the Dementor in play. They just can't use them.

Buffs given to Jester are retained each turn.

Seraph warrior gains attack on each instance of HP gain not each point of life. So a tainted amulet would give her plus 1 attack not plus 3

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The op does actually call for bugs too


Quote:Attack buffs given from empower or state based sources such as war drums and warmonger minotaur are not strong effects.

Soon, empower will be a Strong effect.


Sylph Mindsapper works fine. Damage is dealt and cards are milled. The only thing that is wonky is the damage counter that pops up shows 0 instead of 2. Enemy hero actually does take damage.


If jester suffers a health loose (for ex. essence shift) and it doesn't kill him, he'll die on next turn if engine rolls 1or2 on his health, cause his health is actually resolved as -1/-2 then (as for essence shift).

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Interesting i didn't know that. Sounds like a bug

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Undying- if another creature on Undying's side would die and proc its activation, it gains the Reassemble 5 before it dies and it immediately pops up as an UberSkeleton.

If Lava Blade kills an egg/Reassemble and pops it, that skeleton/whelp will have summoning sickness on the following turn. (Actually, this may not be intentional..)

If a Spiteful Demon would die from poison, Torture Rune-word, etc, it will still do 2 damage to its controller as it dies.

Toxic Immobilizer applies to your own poisoned units as well.

Echo Blast can kill your own cards.

Cursed Reanimation reactivates On Enter effects.

Allegiant Warrior can receive a +1 attack bonus from non-Holy cards if its kingdom alignment changes. (e.g. Undead allies boost a Warrior stolen by Abbadon)

Angel's Tear only grants you +4 health if you are at 3 health or less. The bonus checks your health after the first +2 is applied.

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Allegiant Warrior bug has been squashed for awhile now

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Actually thats not a bug. The bug i found was that after it became undead, corpses of skeletons made via grave fulfillment or fresh burial trigger it. The card is supposed to interact new kingdoms if it changes alignment.

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Ah your right :) with the card rebalance they must have changed the mechanics.


The order in which you play your gears are important. If you have a demonic armor (or corrupt tomb) and an essence mantle, and if you have 1 life, you'd lose if the armor (or tomb) is played first. If the essence mantle is played first, you'd gain a life (to 2) then immediately lose it to the armor (or tomb).

When you have 0 cards in your library, you're still not dead yet. You have to draw a card, unable to, then making it a loss. So if both players are at 0 cards in library, whoever tries to draw a card (or cards) will lose.

Add on to the top, if you have 0 cards in your library, but you have thought retriever(s) in play, you'd still lose cause you gain 2 mana, and draw a card before the gears' effect take place.

Quote:Indestructible does not prevent gear from destroying itself. wish it did :*(

If it did, glass armor + indestructible is ...... WIN.

Quote:If Lava Blade kills an egg/Reassemble and pops it, that skeleton/whelp will have summoning sickness on the following turn. (Actually, this may not be intentional..)

Using Atomic Smasher does the same thing too.

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Only for the duration of the rune word. We need something to make it worth using.

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- Page created on server!
- All legendary card rulings up!

Page only availabe here and wont be linked on the wiki yet until most cards and their rulings are established.

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You the man tri! Thanks for doing this

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-Epics up! If you guys take a look and maybe double check my work would be very helpful. :) Also ones that have ??? in ruling need testing /clarification

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I would add some to eternal dragon
1) Regen does not work on it
2) If given armor, physical damage will be reduced to zero
3) If given resist, magic damage will be reduced to zero

For Transmutate: On enter effects do not trigger.

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Last i checked big frosty had a few bugs. Damage dealt by rather than to him was giving slow and it was only lasting until the end of that combat phase.

Also it may be worth noting that "shield" gear will not prevent seraphim from taking damage.


Pretty nice work there, this is really needed! I just propose to change "No issue work as printed" to "No issue, work as printed" :)


If you don't know the alignment of a Hero, check the background color of his name. Green = Mystical, Red = Elemental, Gold = ancient, etc.

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Discovered this one recently when I goblin assembled 2x thought retrievers when I had no cards left in my deck (assembly was my last card):

Thought retriever triggers AFTER the draw phase. I lost.


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