*v0.* Dev Notes

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*v0.* Dev Notes

v0. Dev Notes

Pushed on 4/18/13 @ 3:30

Miniclip Integration

With this update, we will now be live on Miniclip as well. Please welcome the Miniclip players with open spell books!


- Inspiration - Draw a card. The next card you play costs 1 2 less mana to play
- Polymorph - Now 6 charges


- Allegiant Warrior no longer gets buffed when a corpse enters that shares a kingdom with him. The creature must be alive on enter
- Fixed a bug with AI recursive play
- Added in rewards for tournaments
- fixed a bunch of 1009 errors
- dotcom site now centers the game when resizing the browser window
- arsenal set logo in the arsenal shop
- fixed tooltips in the dynamic market for cards you could not purchase
- updated French, German and Italian localizations


- Updated with more bugs and hero changes