*v0.9.3.5* Dev Notes

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*v0.9.3.5* Dev Notes

v0.9.3.5 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 4:40 on 4/12/13

Hero Tweaks

Sanctified Burial
Remove target ally corpse; Then each ally its adjacent creature gets +1 attack
Divine Blessing
- now costs 5 charges (was 6)


- Arsenal Cards now available in the featured section
- Tooltips added to the main screen 'follow us' buttons
- Stats now tracked properly in rotating arena
- Fixed some issues with things showing offscreen while in fullscreen mode
- Tooltips added for the Facebook, Forum and Blog buttons on main screen
- Header now shows your currency while in the dynamic market
- Shows how much energy you have in the Campaign button on the main screen
- Antic and OMDC logo on loading screen
- Can now see Core card tooltips even if you don't have the gold to buy them
- Rule description pass on hero abilities to match formatting of cards