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Developer's conversation

"Wow, we have something really special here, people really love our game, and we have some hardcore followers. We better hurry and change everything the players love before the game gets to big or we have a chance to make some real money" - Antic Developer "A"

"Also, our new player's are buying hero's way too fast, we need to set a price they can only achieve in there wildest dreams!" - Antic Developer "B"

"Yeah, now your thinking, but it shouldn't just be a problem for new player's, let's make the prices so high that no player in there right mind would would pay it!" - Antic Developer "A"

"Alright, now were getting somewhere, but to really make it sting for our players, and make sure we get the maximum amount of people to quit our game as possible, let's not only increase hero prices, but also lower the gold gained, AND increase the amount of time needed to earn the gold!" - Antic Developer "B"

"Good call, but while were at it we need to find a way to take out all the competitiveness and enjoyment out of the arena's!" - Antic Developer "A"

"You guys sure have some good ideas!" - Antic Developer "C"

I am sorry if this is taken as being rude, but I feel something like this had to have taken place for the game to have fallen as far as it has :( Please fix your game, I miss kingdoms.


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