Bahamut. My nerf suggestion.

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Bahamut. My nerf suggestion.

I know a lot of the forum users don't think Bahamut is overpowered but I disagree. It could be that they have a good hero or optimal cards for Bahamut which is why he's easy for them. In any case please don't bombard this thread with anger.

I'm suggesting that his 'Ancient Vengeance' ability be spread over the cards and the enemy. So if there are 2 creatures in play that are 1/1 and 'Ancient Vengeance' is cast it will destroy both cards and do 8 damage to the enemy hero opposed to all damage going directly to the hero.

Ancient Summoning' should only be able to instant summon creatures with a cost of 4 mana or less and perhaps have a charge reduced to help compensate the nerf.

Thanks for reading.



Bahamut is overpowered but not broken. I have about a 70% win rate against him with Uunys in Epic and I don't even have very many cards (no epics, missing a lot of rares). You just have to know how to play against him, and with a little bit of luck even T2 Heroes can beat him consistently.


Try using Crutomist (T1 Elemental hero) with a lot of low cost/high attack creatures and damage spells. I was using this build in epic arena and found Bahamut to be the easiest hero to beat (80-90% wins vs him). Having Powerless also helps a lot the 1/4 of the games you draw it before turn 12.