***Market Watch Kingdoms CCG***

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***Market Watch Kingdoms CCG***

Current edition : 3/7/13

Note: Have some work stuff to take care of, so I might not update every day for abit. Xanludan has made some nice pages on his site, which will enhance the market watch!


Kingdoms has a neat dynamic market, where you can buy any card for gems. However, the prices rise very quickly when a card becomes popular. I am going to give you advice on good buys in the market. Make sure you'll use the card, even if it is a bargain, since gems are hard to come by.

The market updates every 24 hours(+1 server time), and I will be making a post most days. Don't come late looking for a deal, because it might be gone! I'll give a "Deal of the Day", one or more cards I see as the best bargain for that day.

For now I will only be covering Eve and Rise expansions. Expansions are better gem purchases, as core cards are comparatively easy to get with gold.

To get a general idea on prices, most popular rares cost 30-80 gems, with a few being over 100. Popular epics are usually 150 or higher, and many drift around 100, +/- 30. There are some at 50-60, and for good reason.. the consensus is that these epics are weak, although some decks may be able to put them to use.


***Market Watch 3/7/13***



Ground Shatter(Eve Rare)
A solid rare, and it is down to 18. I don't 'think' it will go any lower than this, although it could.

Maelstrom (Eve Epic). This card keeps dropping little by little, it is now at 63, down from 66 earlier this week.



http://www.kccgdecks.com/gemTracker.html#all (here's the data in graph form)


**EVE expansion**

Goblin Scout Zep Maelstrom - (72 -> 71 ->77)
Goblin Cannon - (100-> 98->108)
Goblin Assembly - (106-> 104->100)
Scorchblast Dragon - (73 -> 72->70)
Power Pendant - (123-> 121->133)
Relentless Charge - (57 -> 56->52)
Corpse Eater - (93 -> 91->87)
Demonic Armor - (111 -> 109->105)
Abomination - (58 -> 57->55)
Maelstrom Phoenix -- (165 -> 162->156)
Lava Blade - (191 -> 187->195)
Maelstrom - (66-> 65->63)
Blessed Champion - (199 -> 195->195)
Holy Grail - (139 -> 136->130)
Divine Ascenion - (133-> 130->124)
Fae Trickster - (143 -> 140)
Time Mantle - (64-> 67->65)
Phantom Image - (147 -> 144->134)
Realm Crusher - (102 -> 100->96)
Atomic Crusher - (163 -> 187->195)
Punish - (55->54->52)


Clockwork Automaton - (65->64->62)
Drillbot Mechanic - (15->17->15)
Powder Keg - (22->21->23)
Study Gear - (114->112->127)
Priestess of War - (109->107->103)
Dragon Egg - (19->18->16)
Ground Shatterer - (21->20->18)
Charge Staff - (23->25->23)
Empower - (122->120->116)
Tribute to the Gods - (85->83->79)
Hell Hound - (29->28-> 26)
Morphling Remains - (16->15->17)
Dread Tome - (51->50->48)
Dark Sacrifice - (15->17->15)
Unholy Rampage - (29->28->26)
Channel - (64->63->61)
Cladded Cavalier - (26->25->27)
Honored Monk - (55->54->52)
Battle Cleric - (29->32->30)
Sacred Urn - (59->66->64)
Soothesayer - (22->21->22)
Chronomancer - (46->45->48)
Fae Queen Taria - (58->57->55)
Reclaim - (25->24->27)
Spirits Within - (34->38->41)
Captivating Doll - (19->21->19)
Doppelganger - (26->29->27)
Blunderbuss - (37->36->39)


**RISE expansion**

Gob Hog Blazer - (178->174->192)
Transmutate - (67->66->64)
Eternal Dragon - (199->195->187)
Echo Blast - (195->191->199)
Death Knight - (79->87->102)
Soul Drain - (96->94->90)
Maelstrom Elemental - (90->88->90)
Master the Elements - (74->73->71)
Seraphim Guardian - (166->163->176)
Divine Expulsion - (97->95->104)
Dryad of the Mist - (169->166->160)
Mass Polymorph - (121->119->115)
Guardian of Old Gods - (76->84->92)
Ornate Battle Horn - (55->54->52)
Diffusion Blade - (114->125->137)
Immortal - (116->114->110)


Toxic Immobilizer - (55->54->52)
Goblin Strip Miner - (58->57->55)
Mechanize - (19->18->19)
Titan General - (32->31->35)
Rampaging Giant - (41->40->38)
Firespout Dragon - (31->30->28)
Titan's Might - (25->24->26)
Brute Force - (76->74->72)
Spiteful Demon - (140->137->131)
Fire Storm - (49->48->52)
Charged Lightning - (43->42->40)
Pureheart Martyr - (56->55->53)
King's Herald - (23->22->20)
Righteous Summons - (51->50->57)
Exalted Enforcements - (68->67->65)
Thoughtwoven Spirit - (53->52->56)
Sylph Mindsapper - (28->32->30)
Willow Bard - (21->20->18)
Essence Shift - (72->71->69)
Swap - (34->33->31)
Charge Thief - (71->70->77)
Shiny Thief - (31->30->33)
Mind Restorer - (76->74->72)
Mindgripper - (21->23->21)
Sanity Tapper - (97->95->91)
Compound Cube - (83->95->91)
Equalize - (17->19->17)

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Good job! I like this! Keep it up :D Even though I don't really have any gems to spend, I do find this to be very interesting.


Really nice of you to do this. Don´t have many gems to spend for singles yet, but it´s very interesting. I love market monitoring. So will you note the prices of each day or later just a trend?




grr mispost

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I love this thread... I've been doing this in my head for months, so it is of interest to more than just new players. You can use some html tags in the post... for exampls a bold, strong, underline or italic for your highlighted deals could be useful too (although is more work.)

Thanks for putting this together.

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Good to see some pricewatch here. I would like the format to be cumulative. Instead "Goblin Strip Miner - (58->57)" it would be more informative to snowball the prices like this - Goblin Strip Miner - (66->58->57)

I did this for myself when I needed some singles and the cumulative "snowball" format gives out more info.

Right now I have to search both of your posts for specific card price moves.


Yeah, I was thinking I'd do this, gonna show long term changes in other ways too maybe. This was basically the first day of full data. I believe I'll also start just editing the first post each day, too.






Awesome thread. I keep a watch myself, but it's so easy to forget what direction a card is heading in, and you can only remember so many. A transition chart showing how the prices have fluctuated over the weeks would be epic :)

Might I add that brute force and essence shift are terrible buys atm. I picked them up just a month ago, both in the 50's. I think there is a fair chance they will drop back down at some point.

Chronomancer looks like a steal at 45 gems right now -- he's normally in the mid-50's, and I picked him up at that price myself. A 2/3 with 2 resist AND an added slow? The 2/3 and resist alone is almost worth it. What makes the card great is buffs like ancients will/divine ascension, as it can't be easily destroyed by elemental damage. Best use in a slow/stall/pacify deck. Not an auto-include card by any means, but in certain niche decks it really shines -- and is great with the current Noran.

And I've been keeping track of Righteous Summon too. It's at a cheaper-than-ever 50 gems. It used to be in the 60's, and even reached up into the 70's. Still an excellent card for summoning blessed champions(even post-nerf; it summons them just as well now, but blessed champion without RS costs 5 mana though), or cards like Seraphim Guardian -- which will come out with blessed 1 for the same mana cost. Also works for summoning Justice(with blessed 1~).

Diryam is skyrocketing in price, up to 619 gems atm. It was in the 500's yesterday, so that's an increase of at least 20 gems. He's going to be interesting to follow too :)

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Given the amount of work required in this thread, you might just consider doing a weekly update - that would be sufficient to capture changes and trends without forcing you to take half an hour or more each day.


Might I suggest a link to a Google doc spreadsheet instead of posted on the forums? Will be easier to track I think!

Awesome thread btw!

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Lol I'm a finance guy so this is awesome I'd love to get it on this Lev. I'll read through and post some thoughts

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I've got a space up on kccgdecks for Levgre or whomever wants to do gem tracking. Hopefully Lev will announce the link in a few days after his initial entry is where he wants it.

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I would make a suggestion that an auto tracker be built into the game with some snazzy charts showing price changes over time (and even going back to the beginning of the market if that data is still available).

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This is something that is in the backlog of things for future updates, but do not expect it to show up any time soon as we got more high priority items to do first (do i hear tournaments!)


Grats on Forum Post of the Week and a Sticky!

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Hopefully Lev will update his main post, here's the link in the meantime.


Поскольку я не сильно разобрался в теме, то прошу вас написать пояснения и продолжения. Буду ждать.