Did You Know You Can Light Farts On Fire?

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Did You Know You Can Light Farts On Fire?

Hey, this is Oogielovesfan420 of Kingdoms CCG fame! How have you guys been?

Remember Kingdoms? That was weird, right? Like there was cards and that one creepy guy that was super obsessed with the game and like went crazy spamming the chat and lots of nerfs and stuff.

But anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that even though Kingdoms is dead, you can actually have a lot of fun IRL (In Real Life) just lighting your own farts.

You could hold a candle to your...well you know...and just fart on that or you could use a lighter. Whatever you feel more comfortable with. And what's cool is that the flame will go WOOOSH!

You can record it on put it on youtube and become a viral star like Danielle Bregolli or the lil cowboy boy who was yoddeling in the suicide forest and everyone got upset at him cause he took a picture of a dead body. YOU CAN BE VIRAL ON YOUTUBE!!!!

What have you guys been up to? Post you fart lighting vids on here and update us with your life!!!

With Love,


I feel honoured you would refer to me in your post Oogie. Yes, i was the obsessed one. I obviously made a lasting impression upon you :) Do you know it's been three years since my account was banned? That is mad.

If you post a video of yourself lighting your own farts i will be most impressed.


Heya! How you been nouse? What you up to lately? Are you still gaming at all, like do you play anything on NG or Kongregate or whatever? And damn yeah, it's a trip thinking of like how long KCG has been around at this point. Like 6 years now.

Lol, I wish I actually had the nerve to put by lighter where my ass is and make a RL video of something as beautiful as a fart lighting. Maybe for Farth of July, idk.