Flash End of Life date set

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Flash End of Life date set

Adobe announced today 2020 is the end of life for flash. No more security updates or any other updates. Along with that announcement, all the major browsers announced they would be disabling flash between 2019 and 2020. I assume this is also the end of Kingdoms, as there is no ability to convert to html5. Maybe it will live on in steam and ios, who knows.

Anyway if you want a decent ccg to pick up, try The Elder Scrolls Legends. I just started playing it two weeks ago and it's pretty sweet. Supposedly a mobile version is coming soon and unlike kingdoms you can use the same account across all platforms.

It also supports twitch drops, which means you get in game loot for watching twitch streams (or running twitch in a background tab). The community seems to be pretty big and you can easily build a good beginner deck in a week.

They don't have guilds or team play, but they do have both AI and PvP draft arenas. Constructed play has a casual and ranked mode, which give different rewards, with ranked giving a monthly prize. There is also AI practice mode which also gives small rewards each day.

There's the normal pack buying most ccgs have, but theit crafting system is pretty nice. Basically you can dust (scrap) cards to get soul whatevers which can be used to craft any card of your choice, including legendary and uniques.



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Worth trying.