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Hotdogdurden the Hater


What is his problem? I am a new player, and the guy makes me feel bad saying I am a loser for not beating his Justice card. Saying "Well, you can easily beat that, so you clearly dont know how to play this game" Then makes fun of me even more. So I say "hey back off hater!" And he goes "Really, would you like me to ban you? bye bye." And then my game reboots and I cant chat anymore.

How this guy a moderator?

- Enzo Amore.

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Here is the screenshot of the conversation and the resulting ban:

Just relax Enzo.

By the way you are a player since 2014 and you played 7000+ games.

Also something: (personal message)


why do you add nouser in the conversation. You are a new player so why do you know him and even his alt in the forum? Seems clear to me what you try to do...

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