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An Interesting Idea

I don't like "spam". I really don't. However, we as players should at least be owed enough respect to have some kind of information about what's going on nowadays and why the game is not being developed on.
(even if they say "we can't say what's going on at the moment, but we'll say something on the (Insert Date) then that's fine)

I am NOT encouraging regular spam. However I think it may be a good idea if about 20 + of us all contact on the same day at the same time (or as close as possible). EDIT show your support for this movement by commenting on this post rather than Personal Messaging me.

Remember: the goal isn't to "spam" the developers. The idea is to remind the developers that we are still here. Even a single sentence if development is going to continue or not or a date when more information will be given to us is perfect.

1) Once at least 20 people have said "+1" or "I agree" or something similar (on this post) then we can organise a certain day to email
2) If the developers do still monitor the forums, then fantastic: they'll see this and maybe give us some information.
3) This is not an encouragement to spam and harasses in chat or anywhere. These are just desperate times for the game that we so very much love. We, as supporters (and even donators) should be allowed to receive some kind of information from them.
4) This is not a "plot" against the developers. This is just a movement to gain the attention of GANZ.

Lets remind GANZ about this:


I agree, hope GANZ answer something about the game


+1. sometimes the game doesn't seem that dead. 40+ players online with an active playerbase of about 100-150 is surprisingly strong.


I agree, it would be great to get some kind of news, any kind of news....even if it's not favorable.

HC Brotherhood

I'm complete with you on this one Cewen. I hope this game get's the attention that it deserves.


Good idea. I agree. It's time for us to speak up for the game and show that we care about it.


Sure, why not.

I mean, if they can even at least just give us GR in gem singles I'd be happy. Be a smart move on their part even if they are just gonna shut the game down soon since I'm assuming it's a low effort update and would hopefully get them a lil extra cash, even if it is just a few hundred bucks or whatever.

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Guys, what I'm about to say might not go down so well, but I believe it to be true. And please don't just attack me before seriously considering what I'm about to say without emotion. Be logical and rational about this.

Sorry to state the obvious but isn't it obvious to everyone why the game isn't being developed? Its because there's no audience. And when there's no audience there's no $$$. Assuming that $$$ is what motivates developers to make games, then there's absolutely no motivate for GANZ to do anything.

The only way GANZ would do something is if they thought it was an investment - like New Core. If they thought that that would draw the crowds in and so they'd eventually recoup their expenses. We all know how New Core turned out with regards to creating a large fanbase (we're talking in the 1000s) hmm?

I have previously stated what needs to be done to save this game - but no one will listen to me. Not because they think its not true but because they don't like it. I will say it again though - campaign needs to be developed and players with large card collections must nerf their decks in order to play with beginners in the arenas. If they don't want to nerf it then they should only be allowed to play with other players with large card collections.


I can see your point. I know that this movement probably won't re-start development; but we should get at least 1 public statement, just so that we know whats going on.




but what if ganz doesn't check cewen +1

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It has been over a year since the last developer announcement. And about 8 months since the last time a dev responded to a bug report. Their attitude is known. Now which of the mods keeps cleaning the forums? It isn't me. I check in about once every two weeks when I'm feeling bored. They must be aware people are still here, or else they'd stop running the servers. So... who knows. Nosher right again, I suppose.


I had a pretty long talk with TomKat over the matter, and i feel that i should just develop on the whole situation from the time i made this post:

We talked about how GANZ failed to let us know about the game being up on Steam and so none of us could respond to it with positive reviews and concluded that this was the biggest mistake they made.

We also talked about other stuff, but one of the highlights of the conversation is that because kingdoms isn't making enough money so they won't update it (logical assumption) but if that is the case we have to question: is there any developers at this stage?

We talked and figured that it could only be GANZ staff monitoring the kingdomsccgsupport@ganz (maybe forums too). We also concluded that the servers are probably still up because people may still pay for gems on it.

I still stand by what i said; i think we should get a public statement about the issue at hand, so that we can known if development is going to continue in the future and if there are any developers of kingdomsccg still working at GANZ

Just thought i would get this off my mind because i was beginning to doubt if this movement would work. And i still think it can.

I know this is a bit petty to ask for but: GANZ is a company. They will only pay the developers salary if they receive an income. I don't want to ask you all to donate, i just want you to in the future consider spending $5 or something.

Kingdoms is a free to play game and because of that it is difficult for it to generate money. But the issue here isn't all about money: remember we're still here in forum page to try and get a statement on GANZ about the following things:

1 - Is development going to continue?
2 - Can you at least put Gods Reborn in singles? (sounds petty i know, but i am sure most of us will gladly pay some real money for some gems that way)
3 - Are there still Kingdoms CCG Developers working at GANZ?
(add more with your +1 if you can think of more questions. Remember don't message them yet; its more effective if we all ask the same questions at the same time on the same day as a hoard).

Lastly: If you want to help the game out: drop some money on it or try and spread the game and give it good reviews wherever you are (I'm not sure if the game is still up on steam or not).

The plan is still going ahead: So drop a +1 or "i agree" if you want to help the game and follow this movement.








good luck folks


ok placidfac


Cewen - I know you mean well. But a few people dropping a few dollars here and there isn't going to be sufficient to sustain a dev. Even if we were to all contribute $100 or so it would still do very little compared to having a fanbase in the 1000s.

I think the reason why the servers are still running is that deep down Karl loves this game - enough to buy it from Antic when it was almost dead last time. I don't think he will pull the plug and let it die because he loves this game too much. That said, he probably can't afford the development costs so that's why its in this limbo.

As for positive reviews - you should realize that those only get people to try the game. They do not get people to stick with the game. You can only achieve that if the game is really, truly good to play (in their eyes). And Kingdoms has had plenty of chances to impress the gaming public. I remember when new core was released - there were plenty of players but now its dwindled back down again.

I love Kingdoms - it got me hooked when I first started playing and its absolutely great. I never get bored with it and I still get a small adrenaline rush when I go up against a top deck (guild wars or PvP in the arenas). But I know my taste is pretty erratic and that, sadly, most "normal" gamers don't like the same things that I do. I'm guessing that all of us here who love Kingdoms (Karl and Jeffo included) share this unique taste. Nosher is right - I am blind with my love for this game. Difference is that I know and accept this horrible truth and I know that we who love Kingdoms are so few and in the minority.

If we want "normal" players to play Kingdoms, then Kingdoms needs to make some pretty unpalatable compromises. Nerfing your own decks to please the "normal" players is pretty unpalatable. Having arenas where if your deck is too powerful then you cannot compete with anyone else other than those who also have powerful decks is just yuck. If Kingdoms wants the $$$ associated with the "normal" players then there really isn't much choice.

Maybe what this game needs is a new dev. I might be interested in buying this game from GANZ and developing it without the goal of making money (though it'd be nice to). Depends if GANZ wants to sell it and for how much.


I fully understand.

The game has definitely got to change to try and attract and keep players, but it has to make money as well.

I still thing that Karl has left GANZ entirely. However i could be very wrong there.

I know that donating a few bucks here and there will help, but i know it won't resurrect the game. I was meaning that in the future if this crisis for the game do pass and devs return etc etc then donating needs to be more common or a small mandatory pay when creating an account.

Good reviews do attract people to the game (especially on such a large platform if its promoted by steam) which brings in players. Back when the game was first put on steam there was about 200 players. Re-doing that would have similar effects, we would just have to go around promoting and doing all the rest of it better.

I think volunteering may also get through to karl and GANZ and basically spark life into the game again (low chance but still a possibility) (for example coding and art)


Well the thing is that I think that Karl is 100% opposed to any kind of compromise with the "normal" players. You remember how he promoted this game "conquer the meta", "all cards designed for competitive play" etc... And I remember a few games vs evil squid back when he was a player - oh boy - he was good. Now he finally realizes that most players reject this and wants something entirely different.

Its like saying "Oh Cewen can you please nerf your most awesome and amazing powerful deck so that I can play with you? If you don't then I'll never play with you and hence you'll never get paid". And this isn't just one person - its almost everyone. Then your choice becomes one of - do you stick with your ideals and die honourably? Or do you capitulate and surrender?

Its a tough choice and he's probably keeping silent whilst he deliberates on this one.

Just incase you're wondering how I know this, I've made a few games. They're really hard (like Kingdoms) and people hate me for it. But it was for free and I knew I wasn't going to be paid at the end. With making $$$ a necessity though, its a whole different story.


Where are you getting "most players" and "almost everyone"?

While I wouldn't argue that there's a lot of nerfer cancer in this game, you're pretty much the only one on here with the more extreme view of, "Can you please nerf your most awesome and amazing powerful deck so that I can play with you? If you don't then I'll never play with you." Mind you, this is literally what you're suggesting, so it's not "like saying" anything, that's actually your real suggestion to solving the problem of this game not having enough players.

If all your best stuff is going to get nerfed, why bother trying to get good stuff? Why not just stay at the bottom and never strive to get a larger collection because everyone can just be nerfed to your level?

This kind of thinking is what destroys games. Not overpowered cards.

Show me a successful card game where new players can start playing and immediately on day 1 be on equal footing with the players that have been playing for years and have huge collections. They don't exists cause that wouldn't make any sense.

Here's what you're failing to understand and what's causing you to come to the irrational conclusion you've come to.

Older players are stomping on the few newer players that do show up not because they need to have their cards nerfed and they're scaring them away, but because there's barely any new players to scare away. So the few people left playing are the ones with all the stuff.

In a game with a larger audience like Hearthstone, there's enough players for there to be tiers and ranks so that newer players can find players who are closer to their level and experienced players can play against people on theirs.

That simply can't happen when there's less than 50 players in the playerbase. All your idea would do if implemented now would be to drive away the few remaining older players. It's not gonna magically draw people into a game no one's ever heard about.

It's been said before and I know it's never gonna happen, but what the game needs is advertising and updates not more nerfs. Sadly that may never happen...


Oogie dear, its over, kingdoms is all over. If this was another CCG it might be worth ranting about nerfes and other stuff :D


I'm not trying to trip, but for someone who thinks the game is over you sure check the forum to respond with, "the game is dead" to literally every single post pretty often. We all know it's over.

I'm just shooting the shit at this point and hoping to knock a lil sense to in James head.

I wanna see what you're like after Kingdoms truly does get shut down. Like what will you talk about after that? I don't have an FB or anything, but I'd be interesting in like seeing what thoughts you have in your head aside from "Kingdoms is dead". Like are you just gonna rock back and forth forever just staring at the wall repeating, "Kingdoms died, Kingdoms died, Kingdoms died" in a sort of rain man-esque voice?

Do you have a FB I could covertly stalk you from on the occasion or like some other social media? Do you get on Discord chat at all?

Heh, don't delete this mods. Like seriously, I wanna see his response. This is constructive, I promise.


If anyone is looking for a new game to get your ccg fix, I'd suggest Faeria. It's free on steam. It is a ccg with a board game element. I've been playing for a couple of weeks so far and really enjoying it. Look me up on there, same username (placidfac)


Faeria is really cool, thanks for the suggestion. I don't know if Ill get hooked like I did here, but I am really enjoying the early game stuff.

- KK


Is the 18th of March a date everybody can manage? If so, how about 3 o'clock (UK time) - if you are able to schedule a time as close to 3 o'clock (UK time) then that would be grand.

Speak up if you want to drop out, or can't manage the 18th or time.

What we will ask:
1 - is there confirmation that the game, kingdoms ccg WILL have its development continued?
2 - can you make a public statement about the situation of the company
3 - Do the developers of kingdoms ccg (like Karl) still work at GANZ?


I am ok with March 18th, i will do as ask us to do.


I will not be able to do March 18, but I will send an email ASAP.


i can do march the 18th


I will have to set my alarm a wee bit little earlier than usual (lol!), but I will be glad to do so.


Excellent. I send emails to about 8 other people, so lets hope we get responses from them.

I would have tried to find out certain time frames but I think its just too challenging (definitely for me to do on my own).

I will be doing my email at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (UK time). If you want to figure out what that time is in your location feel free to figure out. But I think the plan will still be just as effective if we just all send emails. Don't *have* to be in sync you know?


Just sent my Email just now (later than i was meant to),. If you haven't yet, go ahead!

I asked:
1-Is development of the game going to continue?
2- If yes or no can you put out a public statement on the blog or facebook?
3- Do KCCG developers still work at GANZ?

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+1 all the way!


I was a lil late but I sent a message too.


I agree. It's time for us to speak up for the game and show that we care this game.




did any of you get a response? hope you are all doing well!




DiarrheamazinG - Where am I getting "most players" and "almost everyone"? Well the people who have quit the game speaks more loudly compared to the ones that have remained. They who have quit aren't here to voice their opinions but I'm sure you'll agree they vastly outnumber the people who remained.

The same advertising and updates mentality was what was behind New Core. And we all know how that ended hmm? Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Time for Kingdoms to try something new - after all what have you got to lose? 50 odd players in the database?

You ask why people should bother getting better if you get nerfed in the end? Well, how about this answer: It keeps the game alive, attracting new players, pumping in $$$ to the devs and getting more updates. Good enough reasons? As I said before, nerfing yourself should be something completely optional. Don't want to do it - fine - just don't expect to play newcomers.

New players simply aren't going to tolerate expecting to lose all the time. If they form that expectation they quit. This is a simple statement of fact and reality that all developers must accept if they want to have a large fanbase.


This game was not developed with scalability in mind. That being said, it needs a major overhaul which the developers arent willing to do. It is really up to the fanbase to fix this problem otherwise this game is done.

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The primarily flawed assumption being made here, is that everyone here is projecting their own personal feelings of what is wrong onto the greater population. That is flawed. Now I can only offer my own opinion, but I think my opinion is right, and what you are labeling the problems are simply irrelevant.

Kingdom's main problem has always been a combination of poor marketing and the lack of development of its own platform. And the cause of these problems are costs and the need to generate a profit. Creating an endless self defeating cycle.

Essentially Kingdoms cant maintain a steady profit, because it cant keep players or maintain a steady influx of new players. And it cant keep players because of a low number of supported deck slots which causes the casual and brilliancy players to lose interest and a very weak infrastructure supporting moderate players (Long term rankings are an essential element for moderate players, and the tourney system is the only existing system with that and its terrible.) The pure competetive players largely live and die by the steady stream of new competition generated by the previous two populations. (brilliancy and moderate players, not casuals who largely act as a pool of filler until they turn into a Brilliancy or moderate player, though casuals with a large amount of disposable income are like piggy banks.)

And kingdoms cant keep a steady influx of new players or build up its infrasrltructure, because its committing most of its resources to generating an immediate profit. (The last update was clearly just a desperate cash grab, probably a feasibility test to earn more investment. It likely failed.)

And at this point the cycle repeats. Now, for now at least, kingdoms has the potential to be a steady income earner. On the mobile market it has almost no real competition. But to capitalise on this it would have to invest into building up the infrastructure for long term player retainment. And then it would need an effective marketing strategy. Main problem with marketing is that Kingdom's target audience is immune to any sort of traditional advertisement.

And primarily rely on the "more like this" on google play. So in order to build up its mobile presence, it would have to advertise its mobile platform hard to its non mobile base. And probably retry steam and other initiatives. Now the drawback to this is that to be effective, it wouod be a relatively pricey initial campaign since it would need to push hard on like steam and kongregate to get players, then push hard to get them onto the mobile platform. And since thats not a smooth transition from kong to mobile, thats means they are going to have to accept some diminishing returns.

But if they can get kingdoms to appear in the "more like this" optiobs by magic 2015, mtgs failed mobile app. They have it made. And will be able to cut all but the most effecient marketting efforts.

Now there is no point in speculating what Ganz plans for kingdoms. They could be wanting to sell, they could be undecided, or they could be planning to start anew with new managment, but are just waiting a while to maximize the initial response when they start up again. Time fades memories of dissapointment after all. Could even be they are possibly purposefully trying to kill the player population to minimize the damage of a complete reset.

No chance though its actually forgotten. At the very least its an unmanaged asset, which means it would get brought up a lot at various meetings. Since unmanaged assets are something corporations obsess about.

As for its balance, its actually quite good right now compared to other card games.