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Surprisingly enough, i got into contact with one of the dev's (or somebody at GANZ)


I don't see the problem in not sharing it (after all, if they wanted that to be kept secret they would have told me too keep it so or not told me at all)

You can decide what it means. I personally think it may be something to do with re-selling the game to a new owner. Otherwise, i think the company is (maybe) in decline and catering to other things. After all, it is a toy company. Kingdoms CCG is just a side thing for GANZ. But whatever, stay tuned everybody!


If you really have contact to them, you could ask them to take a look into all the disconnects for the players right now. Maybe reset the servers or something. So we can at least play the game while it lasts.


I wouldn't say were "buddies" and can chit chat. From my response, it looked like only serious issues get filtered through. You can try asking them, i haven't been playing as much (obv) so i haven't noticed any differences in disconnections.


Additional contact. I too can see no reason why I should not share this....

- KK

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Well thats reassuring for the long term.