Limited Arena - No rank gain.

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Limited Arena - No rank gain.


Ok i finaly understoud. I had the case "fight against an AI after 30 sec" checked. So when we fight an AI opponent, we do not get rank.

Good to know...

Well... case closed...


Well i'm not quite sure that it's a bug, maybe i just don't understand but, i think it is.

When i win a a game in the limited arena, i never gain rank. I noticed that if i lose a game, i see in the popup window that i lose rank with a red arrow and the number of rank lost. But after a win, the window appear but it's blank, no green arrow with rank gain or things like that.

So i keep going down and down in the ladder even if i keep winning with a high ratio.

I hope this is just something that i dont understand well, but i think it's bug.

Thank you !