The Truth About Me

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The Real NoUser
The Truth About Me

This is all I have. There I said it. I consider hotdog to be my best friend and trolling is the only way I know how to keep his attention. Without kingdoms, I have nothing else. No family, no friends. I have nothing but the internet. And worse, because I have no real life interaction, I dont know how to get people to like me.

Kingdoms came along at a good point for me, you see, im not good at anything and im not real smart either. But the systems that antic and even ganz put in, they rewarded you for time. I have no life, all I have is time. I can grind for hours a day, while others had jobs, girlfriends and friends. Here on Kingdoms, I could actually be number 1 at something. I know some guys realized I couldnt play good, so I had to troll them extra hard to cover things up. But I think a lot of people actually believed I was good at the game. Well, here is the truth. Im not. I cant handle any decks that are complex, they frustrate me. I cant beat them, and I am not smart enough to play them myself. The only way I could beat them was by getting them banned and trolling anyone who played them. I know I am a bad person. I want to change.

But that is why I cant move on. This is all I have. This is the only thing in my life that ever got me noticed. I need it and I can never let go.

You want the truth from me? I cry at night because this game is gone. The players I troll are no longer coming around. I cant beat the few players that are left, and the only person to acknowledge me is hotdog. I have to be honest with myself. I love you hotdog. Thank you for what you have done for me. Thank you for caring enough to ban me when you see me. No one else cares anymore because the game is dead.

It feels good to be truthful for once. I know soon, Ill log in as nosher again, and probably start trolling again. I'll make more fake accounts, have conversations with myself, screenshot them, and post them here. I want people to notice me. I will probably have a conversation with myself right here. I dont know why I do this.

But while I still feel like being honest, here is the real me. I am the real nousername.

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wow dude, so sorry to read. But a game cannot be life. Get out in the sunshine and get out of this morass of a dead game...move'll feel better. I'm going through a bitter divorce right now and I don't even give a rat's behind about this game. I come here once in awhile to see what's what...but making this your whole life...there HAS to be more. Sack up and move on. Trust me you'll feel better.

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What he wrote is a pile of BS, the guy is mentally got trolled. Please don't feed him. All we can do is delete his dumb posts but what's the point if he spams 10 more..So we choose to ignore and starve him to death.

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I dont know why, but I read this post than sent $20 to the adoptachild foundation.