German Corection sugestion

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German Corection sugestion

Here are some things i would like to correct in the german langues.

I list them in two groups like words wich should be changed and a list with things wich may be changed.


At the begining its not "Durchdringede das Wissen" its "Durchdringe das Wissen"
The name for the "Anti-Air Cannon" has a small mistake, Correct would be" Flugabwehrkanone"
"Dimensionalrip" is better translated as " Dimensionsriss"
"Scatter the ashes" is better translated with "Asche verstreuen"
"Rise the Banners" is better translated with" Hochalten des Banners"
"summon spirit" is better translated with" Geistbeschwörung"
"Geen slime" is better translated with " Grüner Schleim"
"Hose down" is better translated with "Abspritzen"
"Sanity Tapper" is better translated with " Verstandsauslöschung"
"Blessed Tome" is better translated with"Gesegneter Foliant"

In the option menu change the "Sound" to "Töne" or "Ton"

I will update it every time i find something.


There is a forum at the bottom for language issues. Posting there will have it seen by the right people (specifically Fredrik).

Thanks for bringing it up though!


sorry didnt saw that guess i was offline for too long, btw you can delete it now as i posted it in the topic of frederik