Lost the last 2 packs of 149 gems purchase

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Lost the last 2 packs of 149 gems purchase

Hi everyone,
i hope my message will be read.
I was opening the 10x pack of Light Ascending when the game DC'ed me.
I reached the 8/10 pack so basically i lost the Legendary and the others 2 pack.
In game i'm iEnvyTheCloud,
Please need help


im sure you still got the cards, regardless of when you got disconnected. check your collection.


No, no cards , i'm missing the sure Elara or it's called Legendary from the Ascesion package...i missed the last 2 packs so basically i haven't the legendary....
But no admin/dev helping me...

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And no admin can help you in this situation. And since devs haven't been here in months..it is what it is.


There is no guaranteed Legendary in those packs. It says Epic or Legendary.
I agree with placidfac, you probably got all the cards, even without seeing the opening of the packs.