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Hello? Anybody Home?

I haven't played kccg for a while but is the game dead? I do recall somebody promising a larger campaign, a legend designing contest and advertising. And where's the halloween stuff? The game is good, just not popular enough.

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I've not heard anything from any dev in a very long while. I did stop mass cleaning the spam off the forums, as I believe that outside of doc bojangles (who is also absent) only the developers could do that. And I wanted to see how long it would stay up. The mass spam DID disappear, so someone did that, so perhaps there is a dev that checks in on the forums every couple weeks. Maybe.


I wonder if there is any way to directly contact any of the devs and find out what is actually going on. I wonder if something happened internally at Ganz that we just wouldnt ever find out about.


Maybe they've realized that patching a sunken ship isn't going to work and they'll need to build a new ship from the ground up salvaging the parts they have. The last release was very poorly accepted, especially by the toxic players that chased away the newcomers with troll decks and are now spamming the forums with nonsense. I do not entirely blame the playerbase. The rules of this game are easy to take advantage of, and the many broken cards (both too weak and too strong) just make the game no fun to play. EVERY card available should be a viable card in some way, however, despite my many attempts to get a Beast deck, or a dragon deck working, it is impossible without a few very specific and hard to attain cards. The few decks you can put together with the CORE set are barely viable for arena play. Though GANZ has made efforts to correct this, they have never gone far enough. Too often they sought the middle ground and this is where things have ended up.

I hope they are able to salvage this game, but at this point it needs rebranding. UI and music need to be updated, badly. Campaign map needs to look like it wasn't drawn by a 4 yr old. And guild wars and tournaments need to be scrapped until better solutions can be constructed. If the player base is not going to encourage people to stay (and they aren't), then the company has to do it with a top notch site, good graphics, some single player, and music that gets the blood pumping but doesn't make one's ears bleed. Oh, and a crafting system that isn't entirely chance based.


This is one of the best posts I've read about this.
I, too, think they maybe need to start a whole new game like this to make it played again, learning from the faults and strengths with KCCG.


Kingdoms CCG Prime (edition)?


I would definitely play this game again if they started from the ground up, but I highly doubt that is feasible at this point.

I think the concept that everyone should be able to be competitive with anything is kind of nonsense frankly. If that were the case, there would be no reason to have rankings at all, no point in grinding, no reason for players to spend any sort of cash for a leg up.

Maybe I just don't belong in this new age of gamers where everyone wants to be handed everything and thinks everything should be equal. I've always thought that people should work to get what they want. I dont mean to be insulting, if this seems that way. Just every time I read a post about how "X deck should be able to competitive" it makes my eyes bleed.


You are confusing card viability and deck viability. Players have no control over cards, and some cards should be weaker than others. But just because a card is weaker, doesn't mean it should be useless. Good card games have strategies that revolve around the weakest of individual cards to enable horde gameplay, something KCG can't do, due to its limited monster slots. As they are prone to doing Ganz tried to reach a middle ground with this by releasing a hero that focuses on weaker cards, and an artifact that buffs cards that don't have rules texts. Neither of these however are good solutions. The hero is a one trick pony that forces its own player into a single strategy, and the artifact forces out any card that could support a group of weaklings, but has rules text saying "it supports a group of weaklings." This is what I mean with cards when I say viable and not viable. Many of the cards in this game have equally backward viability, in that they become unviable the moment you want to throw in something different, making it a no brainer why people play only certain decks. This is compounded by the lack of cards that support each other in their own "group" to begin with. Such as beasts, titans, elementals, and arguably dragons.

Deck viability on the other hand should be completely player controlled, and no, of course not all decks should be viable. But in this game viability isn't player controlled, and the fact that so many potential decks aren't viable is, again, why we see the same ones used over and over again. Its why we don't see any elemental decks, titan decks, goblin decks, or anything with a theme other than gear and haste. Haste is a prime example by the way. You're saying not every deck should win, but haste is so powerful anyone can throw a haste deck together and do so, regardless of the cards in it. Same with essences. Same with a variety of other strategies we constantly see. All one has to do is pay the $$$ for the specific card or two that make it work. Why try and play anything else? That is how card games die.


yeah, you may be right. thanks for explaining in further detail.
I also tend to think that a shrinking playerbase leads to fewer creative deck ideas. not too long ago, it felt like there were a variety of decks to counter each other deck. as we went from 70+ players on at most times to 20-40ish the decks just kind of thinned out. its a sad thing to watch a game you love die, but it happens eventually to all of them.

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Kingdoms 2.0? Start over?