Fate need a change: simple suggestion

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Fate need a change: simple suggestion

Hi devs :D You may know that players are fed up with Fate in guild wars. Here's a simple change suggestion: if fate would AFFECT ONLY ACTIVE HERO instead of both each end of turns..

..we could choose to keep many cards in hand and risk only one to be replaced before next turn. Two per turn is brutal and removes any hope in strategy. You cannot counter anything if Fate keeps discarding your stuff twice per turn. Choice to banish all hand to draw a new card is too obvious right now.

If fate whould affect only active player at end of turn. The possibility to banish all hand to draw a card would still be possible but less obvious. We would have to think more before choosing that way to get out of trouble. More strategy, more fun and fate would still be a game changer card. Just less abusive and we hope less used but still used. Quicksilver Canon would still trigger at end of the turn it is played,and twince per turn.. but only on active turns!! ;) So it would naturally trigger 2 times per active turns of it's owner, one more if he draws an extra card.

Runeword "Clear" doesn't help much right now but would be more successful with the present change suggestion. It would not be discarded by surprise at end of opponent's turn so it would have a clear chance to be played and so fulfil it's only goal in life: being a counter runeword!

I think it is a simple change to do. But the main message behind the suggestion is that this card must be modified. It is too often played, omnipresent and strategy destroying.. no fun anymore ;)

Any comments or other suggestionsare welcomed ;) Respect and have fun!


Requesting deletion of this thread.

Card is named Fate and is working name appropriate and as intended. Useless thread is useless.