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RP Bestiary



Imp 1/1
Undead Warlock 2/1 Ranged
Zombie Thug 2/2
Stench Ghoul 1/3 with Pierce (On death: whoever beat it loses 1 attack)
Swift Ghoul 2/1 with Pierce and Haste if against larger force.
Reeking Fleshbag 1/4 Deals 1 damage to player if it can smell him (in combat)
Spined Batrider 2/2 w/Pierce and Flying (Treated as haste against non-ranged.)
Undying Acolyte 1/3 w/Reassemble and ally creatures have reassemble. Caster 4 points. Knows Raise Dead, Blight, and Dark Kiss.
Headless Horseman 2/2 W/Reassemble and Pierce Caster 2 points Knows Undead Rally. +2 attack if mounted.
Zombie Goliath 2/3 w/+1 attack per kill.
Undead Doomsayer 2/4 w/Reassemble. Enemy players cannot be healed Caster 6 points. Knows Dark Kiss, Dark Missile, Raise Dead, and Corpse Explosion.


Rotted Remains 1/2 w/reassemble.
Slash Ghoul 2/1 w/Pierce
Fanged Batrider 1/1 w/Flying
Zombie Priestess 1/2 1 ally creature has Reassemble 1
Catacomb (Found in Dungeons)Creature Spawner Creates 1/1 skeletons w/ dust. Stops after 2 waves (6 skeletons)
Grave Digger 2/3 w/reassemble. Any non-skeleton ally creatures that have fallen become Skeletons on enter
Hell Hound 4/2 w/intimidate. Whenever this creature enters, an ally creature takes 2 damage.
Thrasher Ghoul 3/2 w/Pierce Ally creatures have pierce.
Morphing Remains 1/6 As described -1 HP per round +1 stack of Reassemble.
Corpse Eater 1/3 On enter/each round destroys a non-player character corpse and gains +1 and Reassemble.


Ghoulish Acolyte Caster 4 point Knows Curse X 4. Each curse is -1/-1 for game purposes.
Fester Vermin 1/1 On death, player character loses 1 use of a random/selected spell for that chapter.
Graverobber 3/3 can only enter if there is a corpse and destroys it.
Plague beetle 1/1 On death Player takes 1 damage.
Hexing Warlock 1/2 Caster 4 point Knows Curse X 2, and Thought Leak 1 (Target player loses 1 castable spell)
Haunting Wraith 1/3 On attack: Enemy player loses 1 spell.
Wicked Blashphemer 1/1 On death: Player who killed it gets -3/-3 until end of chapter
Spiteful Demon 4/3 w/flying Deals 2 damage to a friendly each Round.
Grave Chanter 2/3 Ally undead have +1/+1 Caster 4 point Thought Leak * 2
Death Knight 1/3 w/ Armor and piercing. Can only enter if a corpse is present. Gains Reassemble stacks whenever player character or player-aligned NPC dies. Gains +2 attack when Mounted.

Undying ????

Song of the Forgotten (Because I can)

Nightshade Banshee 1/4 w/Flying and Dust. Enemy characters have -1/-1. When this creature dies, whoever killed it takes 3 magic damage.
Harbinger of Night 2/2 Enemy player loses 2 HP and this creature gets Reassemble 2.
Reaper of Ill-Fortune 1/3 Piercing Whenever a player is Cursed, this creature gains 1 HP.
Macabre Amalgamation 2/2 Destroy ally undead creatures. This creature gains their attack power and HP.
Fetid Putrescence 1/2 On first attack, enemy player/creature becomes Poisoned 1 and -1/-1.
Blood Knight 1/4 w/armor Whenever another creature dies, Blood Knight gets +1 attack.
Morphmuck Ghoul Becomes an Undead copy of the opposing creature with -1/-1.
Bone-Knitter 1/3 Ally skeletons lose dust.
Battlelost Belle 1/1 w/Piercing On enter: If Opposing creature is Holy, it becomes Weak 2.
Rotting Ghoul 2/6 w/Reassemble 1 This creature is Poisoned 1.


Restless Bones 1/1 w/ Reassemble.
Tenacious Demon 3/3 w/ Flying Comes back after death as 2/2 w/flying then 1/1 w/ Flying.


Skeleton 1/1(+) w/ dust. Planning to include various types for flavor (e.g. Skeletal Imp)
Abomination X/X where x is number of corpses in play