Possible Card-Driven RP combat model (all kinds of in-dev)

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Possible Card-Driven RP combat model (all kinds of in-dev)

Just wanted to propose an idea to promote story-driven RPs that use the game cards as a supplemental mechanic.

Creature Examples:

Portly Friar
As character: You deal 1 base damage to enemies and have 4 health. This can be increased with spells/gear as with heroes

As enemy:
Standard 1/4 unless equipped with a weapon.

Spell Examples:

Fireball - Deal 2 magic damage to target creature...blah blah blah

Holy Blessing - Target ally character gains 1 HP and 1 damage reduction until end of chapter

Gear Examples:

Mystery Sack - Each chapter your character can pull out 1 useful gear item that must be returned to the sack at the end of the chapter. Probably limited to Common and Uncommon Gears

Longsword - Increase damage per round by 1 point.

Iron Shield - Absorb 4 points of damage per chapter.


Late game, massive realm changing effects.

As listed unless there is some reason to quantify differently.

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Thought on Haste: Most creatures have a "Menace" turn where they are revealed then give the players a chance to attack first. Hasters attack with stealth.

Moved Undead Quantification to: http://forum.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/3094

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Creatures on mounts gain +2 attack, but if the horse appears on the card, they have a base attack 2 points lower (e.g. Lightbranded Knight 3/2 is a 1/2 unmounted)

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A note on levelling:

Fighters like Breckhold and Shivalia gain +1/+1 and 1 spell point per level
Scouts like Clatier alternate between +1/+1 and 1 spell point and +0/+1 and 2 spell points
Mages like Sevvrys gain +0/+1 and 2 spell points per level.

Also XP requirements scale as follows