I still believe in you Karl!

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I still believe in you Karl!

A lotta people are talking shit about how the game has been abandoned and how Karl hasn't been seen for awhile and how there's generally under 30 people playing at any given time.

And fair enough, things are looking a lil bleak. The game does seem to be getting less players. But in fairness, it hasn't even really been that long since Season 1 cards came out. We've totally waited waaaaaaay longer than this for updates without complaints.

I think we honestly have a great game here. Even if I complain about some aspects of it, I complain because it's a game I love and it's a game I put a lot of time into. I wouldn't give a shit about dumb changes and updates I didn't like if it were any other random crap flash game I was playing on newgrounds, Kong, Armor, etc.... I'd just quite playing whatever the game was.

But at the heart of it, I think we still have the best online CCG there is! I really think the only thing this game is lacking is good advertising and maybe devs/beta testers who are willing to take chances on printing cards that might shake up the game. That's what keeps games interesting IMO. New and powerful cards that you want to play for and buy packs for and put money into the game to get.

I don't wanna see KCG die! Certainly there's gotta be something we can do. I still think there;s some simple things we and the devs can do to help. Make more pages on social media. There's a FB but we could try instagram, twitter, and tumblr and others I'm not thinking about. I tried making an instagram but maybe a dev or someone else with more access to good quality promo pics of the game could do a better job.

I always loved the idea of giving rewards to players who get their friends to join. I'm bad at numbers but maybe some kinda system where a player would get some amount of gem reward when another player on a different IP signs up and puts their friends name in. Something along those lines.

I'm sure there's tons of other stuff I'm not thinking of that people who are already in the business of marketing a game would know more about than I would. But let's do this! KCG is great it just needs better marketing!

Tell your nerdyass friends on FB about the game if you have any, tell them about it on other social media. Rather than whining about the game dying, let's try and actually help instead!


Bumping this cause it gut buried.


This reminds me of late 2014 when Antic went a few months of radio silence before finally selling it off to Ganz. History is repeating itself once again. And it is repeating itself because the same mistakes that were made under Antic continue to be made under Ganz.

Instead of Manacycle Wizards, GooGs,Realm Crushers and Scavenging Goblins we now have Endless Evils, Queen of Dragons, Mindshockers and Kindle the Furys. But these cards are inaccessible to all but the paying players or older players and they easily dominate and give too much of an advantage to those who have them. No new player is going to tolerate losing because other players have cards which they don't have - the evidence is clear on this. And now because there are no new players the game will die.

For those who don't believe what I'm saying, I challenge you to start a new account with no money spent on it. See how long you last in the arena against all the veterans with top decks.

Yet we still get people who refuse to accept the truth and instead say that it is due to no advertising. How much clearer does the evidence have to be? Game was advertised under Antic when they first made it, GANZ when they took over, when new core was announced and just recently. Didn't work all those times - what makes you think it will work now??

People don't want to accept my theory as the truth because if it were accepted as the truth, some pretty major changes would have to be made and they wouldn't like them very much.


This ^^ and without naming names, I will use an alias instead, OogieLovesRichard24_7 playing troll stall decks when the new players did come in.


Hehe, in fairness though. That is pretty cool that that game was like probably THEE most successful troll game ever played in the history of CCGs.

I've never before seen someone so incredibly "triggered" over losing a card game that they're still thinking and talking about it half a year later. Lol, that's pretty awesome! I mean, you'll probably still remember that game and be upset about it a decade from now. And that's pretty funny. 1 stupid round of a flash game changed your whole life forever.

I mean, I like riling people up a bit with the occasional goofy troll deck. But I'd never have thought I'd leave someone fully trolled for the rest of their life.

Stay mad bro, I guess.....hehe


Lol, just my luck that the only responses I get to this thread are the 3 biggest aspy trolls on the forum......

Is that really all we have left on the forum now? It's just the trolls?


Troll, I dunno. But since you hounded of all the new players, yes, this is all you get.

edited to put my appropriate song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09s-c2JVI40


I don't think I'm a troll, and I read the forums semi regularly.

I agree with the OP, but see how this game still isn't too friendly to new players.

Don't have time for a lengthy response, but I hope things turn around sooner rather than later.

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Everyone, add an appropriate song ! <3

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Grrwaa picked the best tunes!


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I thought that this post is about believing and having faith, not saying goodbyes :)

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KCCG needs rebranding.
It needs a lick of paint and a little nip-tuck.
It needs a fresh interface and a modern (and complete...) campaign. It needs a new name, a slicker android app and a second good run at the play store.

Kingdoms still has a butt load of potential but it's clearly not being realised. I always was sceptical about Ganz buying in; KCCG needs time and creative investment, not just a new dev.

I've been away for 2 whole years and while I'm majorly surprised KCCG is still online, I'm slightly disappointed that _nothing_ has changed, barring a couple new sets and an alteration to arena rules (why).

Also, I'm really disappointed in the apparent recent radio silence from Ganz. DID YOU LEARN NOTHING FROM ANTIC? D: