Devote Abettor

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Devote Abettor

As it is now this card sucks. Look I get the theory, compare is to the 5 mana dragon card you lose 1 attack point but gain the ability to grant flying to a creature, which in theory is awesome. In practice, not so much. The Primary problem is that due to a combination of its high cost and the fact that its advantage is in "surprise! Flying" it possesses no value in the early game. And the circumstance where its useful in the late game is exceedingly rare. And when it does happen it usually isn't worth that much."Oh you played endless evil to block my 2 attack knight! Well hiya! surprise 2 damage!" Making matters worse it select s randomly "Oh you blocked by 6 attack Allegiant knight? Well hiya! Oh I just gave flight to my one attack brave recruit" And the card is quite useless as a creature in of itself. Its super expensive, with only 2 attack it isn't exactly a threat and with only 3 hp it can't last anything. My fix is this drop it to 1 attack but give it 4 hp (Or maybe even... 5?) and make it so it grants flight to those adjacent to it upon entry. This gives it high hp, so its useful for a wilrious drop and kill. And means there is at least predictability now in who it gives flight to. And with the potential to grant flight to 2 creatures. This would make it possibly useful for the early game as well. Since now if you have two creatures out that are blocked you just might want to drop her in to give them flight. And since she has high hp she can suck up some enemy control cards.

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Its an old, overcosted card. It would probably not be a great play at 3 mana. 5 is silly. Don't hold your breath until its changed though.