Help Needed - How to beat T2 survival Lvl 35-40?

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Help Needed - How to beat T2 survival Lvl 35-40?

I'm trying to beat this challenge at least for 3 days now. I want that hero ring, but the more I struggle, the bitterer it seems...

- I'm limited to 8 rares 2 epics
- The enemy has any amount of rares and epics (ravi playing shad dagger on turn 1, come on. Or arcanos 2 maelstorms within 3 turns.)
- they have at least +10 hp, and a deck all too finely tuned...

But this is not the problem. The problem is that it gives the enemy randomly, and I have to think up a deck that is able to beat 7 different heroes at the same time.

So, for those of you who have already beaten that, would it hurt to spill some informative help?
- Right now I'm trying to do it with Ravi with bulky creatures + removal + gear. Arcanos owns me, though, and it's quite a hard match in mirror, too. Still, it got me to lvl 39, but it must have been luck, cause I couldn't reproduce the result ever since.

I'm not asking for an exact deck because I lack most of the epics and still a lot of rares from EVE and RISE, and also I don't want you to solve my problem.

All I'm asking is some hint. (Milling works? Or Stall + gear? Or hasted + removal rush? Shall I try to get much more rares and eves before bothering? Stick to 40 cards or bigger pool? Hero of preference? ).

Write a pm if you can, thank you. I promise not to whine more.

p.s. I know hero ring is far far away at lvl 60. Still, I'm positive with the right nudge I can get nearer to it than now.