this game is just getting stupid now

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this game is just getting stupid now

Its the same cards over and over now, endless evil, queen of dragons, mindshocker, you guys know the rest of the same stupid broken cards. Honestly it is just about who gets these cards first to determine the winner...


the skill element of kingdoms plummeted as soon as tribes1 came out (OPUS QDC, epic battle axe blah blah). It has never recovered, we just have newer broken combos instead of those ones.

with just core even and rise battles were at their most interesting strategy wise, even though noran was too strong.


While I do totally admit it's true that those cards are kinda dominating most formats and games can a lotta times be swung by them.

I don't think the answer is continuing down this path of nerfing (although I understand no one said that in thead) and printing weak sets so cards like the ones mentioned don't happen again.

I blame the general staleness of the game and those few cards dominating on the lack of anything new and interesting happening in recent releases. God's Reborn was honestly really lame. There was a few good cards but aside from those tiny few, the set was totally the weakest printed yet. The new season cards didn't really add much either.

Without anything fun, new and interesting to answer, replace or at least give players an alternative to those cards it's just gonna be the same thing forever. More weak cards printed, more calls for nerfs for the pre-God's Reborn era cards. Nothing new happens, the game gets smaller and weaker and people give up checking in.

And that sucks. I love Kingdoms! I think it's the most underrated online CCG there is. It has so much potential IMO if it weren't for weak/no marketing and designers being overly cautious with printing new sets. I hate to see the game slowly fade away like this.


Says loves Kingdoms, annoys new player base with stall troll decks.

Result, marketing ruined.

Comes here to share all this TL;DR's then goes to game and trolls the sjeet of new players.