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[Season one] Discussion

I don't own any of these cards and have never played with them. Here are my impressions on the new set:

Resounding Echo: Ancient Echo bolt that can target gear. Looks like its targeted for guild war decks played by mystical. If you aren't mystical I don't see laying down 280 gems for it, nor do I see it getting any play in limited... why pack an epic solution when you can pack an epic problem.

Spirit Claim: This is an epic? It seems so situational. Sure, I bet someone will break it, or it can give you extras of some legendary, but nah. I don't see it getting play. In fact, you could probably just use the uncommon to reap the graves once it dies and get an extra critter for the same two mana. So... feels underwhelming.

Guardian Angel: 5 mana, 2/5 flying, puresoul... and your hero is INVULNERABLE to damage? Why bother with immortal mill when you can use this. Or both. I haven't tested it yet, but 5 health gives this bird a lot of staying power. This feels way too good. Feels legendary to me.


Dragon Caller: ok.. dragon tech. If you're going to use it to play ONE dragon, you've had to save mana to play the dragon and this guy was a 2/2 for 1. And it tutored it. The bonus comes when playing TWO dragons, but only a 1 mana advantage - and your lanes are full. This could have been uncommon to at least give it a foothold in limited.

Forbidden Tinkering: I'm guessing every guild war defensive deck will want this AI card. The AI will always pull the biggest baddest MFer out there for the cost. Or it can tinker yours into the weakest. Will it target yours? I don't like releasing cards that are meant for the AI. Instead, the AI needs to be fixed so it can play semi-competently with the same deck a human would play with.

Rust Scavenger: Slapped a 2/2 on top of a siphon. But its rare, so not for limited. Will it see play in standard? My guess is a resounding no.

Feral Rager: This should have been one of the epics. It is HUGE for 2 mana, but you have to build around it and be careful with it. Those are the hallmarks of an epic card.

The Unliving: So uh... you do know that stiff drink makes this a 6/4, right? So we're going to turn Ravi in limited away from life gain into undead - that's the plan?

Fireblast Cannon: LOL. Common I wouldn't deck it was free, especially since all card draw tech has been relegated to the scrolls. Just play a long sword instead.


Elara's blessing: Holy mana ramp. I'm not sure holy needs mana ramp, especially dependent on having full lanes, since once your lanes are full... you can't play any creatures. Right?

Feline Familiar: Beast tech. Or more likely just used to summon extra copies of itself. Kind of like a defective dutiful heir... with less attack and you have to pay to play it each time. Yeah, well, at least it has the rarity right, but is anyone buying these?

Silent Strike: Now we're talking. Guild war offensive tech to stymie the fate and beckoning decks. Proper rarity, some general utility. This is a well designed card.

Reap the graves: would be more fun if you would let it target either discard pile. It gives a card advantage for 2 mana, which is fine, since it is conditional.


My thoughts:

Resounding echo: Its basically a cheap way of removing cannons, zombies and stone of simplicity's Seems alright to me to be honest.

Guardian Angel
This card is tough to beat. but i like it. Holy never really had any hard hitters (like skullcrusher giant) but this is a perfect example of a strong holy epic. It may be too much for its current mana cost, but even that debatable (5/6 mana). I like how this card has substantial stats; and a powerful ability, its the root most holy epics should continue to go down.

Spirit Charm: Not really sure what to think of this card. Almost seems like a re-do non legacy phantom image. I haven't used this card (or many others) so im not too sure about its play style.

Dragon Caller
3 mana to play this card, then 5 mana to play (for example) skyreaver dragon (8 mana total). But you could just play skyreaver dragon for the 7 mana. If anything, this card should go down to 2 mana. it would have been nice to see this as an uncommon; but who knows, maybe one day it will shine.

Forbidden Tinkering: I have no idea about this card. I haven't battled any ai defences with this (which is where it would seem to appear most likely) and haven't used it myself. So i can't really say anything for this one.

Rust Scavenger: I've seen several users play this in standard and legacy. Seems like a fair card to me, im happy with it.

Unliving: This card doesn't seem to really pose a problem (which is fine ofc). It looks fine in my eyes, not too strong or to weak, and may be pretty good in an ichor deck or ravi.

Fireblast cannon: clearly a re-do of quick draw cannon. Seems to be a fairly balanced card.

Feral Rager: My most favourite card from the set. As i guy who owns 4 copies of this card: i could judge this card as very balanced. (bleed, calatrops etc kills it instantly too)

Elara's blessing: I don't really know why this card was needed. i meant, most the time holy aligns with ancient (from my experiences) which uses relinquish (probably one of the best mana cards in the game)
But i dunno, may be quite a nice card.

Feline Familar: Fairly good in a full beast deck (i would imagine)

Silent Strike: a pretty fair card, seems good to me.

reap the Graves: i dunno why somebody would use this card, but it just seems odd to me. But thats probably because i have no idea how to play this card :P

BTW - wheres the "design a legendary" card challenge? It was on the blog, but is it going to be on the GANZ facebook page or here on forums?


Why bothering? Karl doesnt reply emails anymore, and havent replyed a single forum thread in more than 2 months. We are the only ones who honestly still cares for this game...

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I was trying to get a pulse. From anyone. Found a couple.


das spiel ist Ganz am arsch


I still check in occasionally!
Resounding echo, Guardian Angel and Feral Rager are changing the game. Rusty Scavenger is popular. Rest of them are pretty much novelties.


nice conversation. I like the way you guys think


I'm both relieved and feeling sorta bad that it seems the majority of the players on here agree that the first season of cards was kinda underwhelming.

I don't wanna go into my usual rant, but I'll just say that I think devs and beta testers being overly cautious and afraid to try cards that might have a real effect on the game is to blame for this and sets like God's Reborn.

Resounding Echo really doesn't feel like it should have been epic, at all. It's super situational and in most cases I'd rather just use Crush The Meek.

Guadian Angel is okay, but I think people are forgetting how many ways you can get rid of it. Echo Blast, Final Verdict, Kindle The Fury, Baha's middle, Noran's sheep, tons of other cards that I'm not thinking of that pop up in a lot of other decks or just plain old damage. It just seems a lot easier to get rid of than Immortal. There's more people playing ways to get rid of creatures than rune words it seems.

Spirit Claim is pretty much exactly how Grrwaa explained, it just feels like a filler card more or less.

Feral Rager was the only card IMO that I think will really be seen in decks and have at least some impact. And even then, it's good but still pretty situational. Like in order for it to really be scary you probably wanna play him and then manage to see at least 2 creatures die on that same turn. I've been liking him with Erratic Werewolf. Drop him and then have the wolf trade with something for a lil damage, removal and a decent sized threat. It's cool, but again sorta situational.

Aside from those the rest of the cards just seem kinda meh. I can't help but think none of them will ever see much play at all.

Again, I worry that this overly cautious card design is already hurting the game and will continue to do even more damage to the game in time. We need to stop being so scared of good cards.

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Upthread is the post I placed on the beta forum AFTER the release, as the "beta testers" saw these the same time as everyone else. The community is so small now, I suppose the main server is the beta server and the devs are doing alpha testing.

Thanks for your thoughts, interesting as always.