Change this cards like this.

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Change this cards like this.

Vial of Fire: Whenever a creature comes into play, this is destroyed and deals 2 damage to that creature, if your hero is elemendal deals 3 damage instead.
Ravenous Walker: If your hero has less than 7 Hp this creature has Haste
Zoetic Thistle: Just remove this card with Awekening Angel
Kindle the Fury: 5 or less
Lady in wait: On death your hero loses 3 HP, if your hero is undead your hero loses 2 hp instead.
Final Verdict: Remove it
Final Fight: Mana cost 3
Coerve: Mana Cost 1




Firstly: you need to justify for each one why it needs changing.

Secondly; you can't just "remove" a card from the game, especially if its a popular card like final verdict.

Lastly: Some of these cards don't need buffs or nerfs at all (your ravenous walker buff idea is nuts!) :)


Alright let me justify it then ;)

Vial of Fire: Cheap and easy destruction card. Makes unable to play creature cards. Especially creatures with high mana cost. Gear destruction is difficult already for some heroes. 3 Damage is too much for 1 mana. Spells are already 2 mana for 2 damage. For 1 mana I will recommend 2 damage it is good enought. But let's make it an kingdoms and alliances game if you are elemental why not 3 damage. It'd be more specific card. Giving each kingdom 3 damage for 1 mana not fair but only for elemental is fair enoght it's their job anyways.

Ravenous Walker: This is an undead card and not an elemental it is already a good card with 3 attack 2 hp and reassemble. Well an undead card should not rush at the beggining of the game some heroes has more hp just because of this givin rush to an undead card at the beggining is not fair. It should rush if it's really urgent. Well havin 7 hp is an urgent condition and a specific condition for undead heroes.

Zoetic Thistle: just for 2 mana you have here a creature with 3hp that gains 1 hp and 1 ap in each turn.
Destruction of this card is very difficult for some heroes and it is a massive power. Not every hero is adapted to destruction in a short time. This creature at least should be epic.
(This is also valid for "Awakening Angel")

Kindle the Fury: Stealing, Destroying and dealing counter damage is enought effective. I don't want to see this card in each players deck. It should not be with the creatures that cost 6 or less. It makes impossible to summon a creature. There are already lots of destrusction cards and additional a stealing card. This game should be based on creatures not spells. It is just not fair to steal a creature that cost 6 mana and destroying it and dealing a counter damage. This is nothing but loss for the creature summoner. In this condition Summoning creature would be reteraded and this is not appreciated. I feel like retarded when I summon a creature that cost 6 mana. When I summon a Dementor. It is just being stolen for 5 mana and destroyed and dealth damage to me. So am ı retarded to summon Dementor? Not only this I am also in 1 mana loss and 1 mana behind the enemy. You are not couraging to summon creatures. You are just couraging people to steal and this cannot be accepted. Well game got what it deserved. 30 people active.

Lady in wait: Am I always supposed to walk around with corpse destroying cards? Can't I have a counter creature? but nope. Why not only undead heroes own 4 reassemble and make them special in their own way. Reassemble is undeads strategy isn't it so why the hell everybody can have so strong reassemble cards. 4 Reassemble is just ridiculous. This game is always lowering the mana usage average.

Final Verdict: An other reason to feel retarded while summoning Dementor or sth with high mana.
Such a cheap destruction card. Stealing is not enought and we got destruction for everybody.
The ones who summon creatures gotta be retarded. Destroyers are always in profit. Everybody walks around with FF and Kindle. This means YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SUMMON CREATURES HIGHER THAN 4 MANA or you gotta be retarded, It is going to be stolen or destroyed anyways.

Final Fight: Another reason to have rushing creatures with 1 or 2 mana. So destroy everything in your way.

Coerve: You are not allowed to have creatures with high mana cuz I am going to discard it anyways with 1 hp.

As you can see mana usage average has been dropped.
Destroying and usage of cheap cards or stealing has being couraged.
The ones who summon strong creatures is being treated like retarded.

Every alliance, every kingdom has become a hasting, rushing elemental.


Vial of fire - i can kinda see your point on this . . . but thats like complaining about the other vials too "oh, this ancient kingdom can use mystical essence (thing, i forgot) to gain 4 mana, thats like 1 truesworn titan, nerf it!!!"
- no

Ravenous walker - this card is undead, not elemental. haste is already a big thing, so this guy having haste in the first place is big.

Lady in wait - your complaining about 4 reassemble? Firstly im sure you remember undead charm. 4 of them on 1 creature (with undead hero) = 8 reassemble - so shosh :P
And secondly: let me tell you about a card i literally spent 300+ gems on in singles: Undying demi-god. It gives all ally creatures 5 reassemble. Complaining about this 1 card with 4 reassemble is kinda stupid when you compare it like this, right?

Final verdict and kindle:
Let me explain; just because they have the card in there hand does NOT mean you cannot literally play your card, that's stupid. Of course you can play your cards. Final verdict has very spesfic conditions and kindle the fury is an epic (what did you expect?) *EDIT also, your complain about final verdict being a "cheap" destroy card. but woeful misery is 3 mana less, more effective and cheaper. so . . yea

Final fight - you haven't really justified why you want this card changed, just explained its uses. You can't call for big changes just because its against the deck style you prefer.

Coerve - Again, you haven't justified why you want this changed, you just said what it does. Besides; discarding a truesworn titan is good your saying. But literally next turn they could draw skullcrusher.

Hint Hint btw: The limited deck i used last arena season (belnir) was using big creatures and its won me arena several times before.


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