Unexciting Balance

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Unexciting Balance

Just please.
Equal, smilar, balance is not fun.
Give every kingdom's hero their own specific ability.
Collateral abilities, balance is not fun.

Be creative, play unfair.

Let everybody be the best at their own way, their own being.

When I look at "Undertow" and "Drain Life" I see the same thing in the name of balance and equility.
When I look at "Necrotic Infusion" and "Augment" and compare them, I see the same thing, same strategy just their name is different. These are the same thing with a little, small differece. Play big. Make it big.
Make irrelevant skills, Independet from others.

This is uncreative. Boring. Why?? This is happening in the name of balance.
If Abaddon steals 2 damage why Jorma can't deal 3 damage.

If your rule applies why Dravkas can coppy anything with 6 mana while Bahamut can destroy everything with 5 mana. Make it also 6 then play fair??

Also put some arena rules for alliances. There gotta be an arena rule like "Alliance Limit: 1" You either play Light or Dark alliance creatures and it's also fun to play only one kingdoms creatures.

When I look back at 2012 and compare the game with it's current situation I can tell you this with confidence the game has become away from creavity.

Edit: if better for both limited and standart if we only be able to have just one alliance