Game is Changing

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Game is Changing

The game is changing and improving. It has become much more faster uncontrollable game.
Controlling strategies, giants, dragons, creatures with high mana has become nonfunctional and so Ancient Kingdom has become nonfunctional. Except if you play it with an Aggro Deck like an Elemental hero. Ancient Kingdom has to use an Elemental Kingdoms strategy to be successful...

Decks has now mana average 4 and below.

It is because all those destruction cards like
Kindle the Fury, Final Verdict, Realm Crusher etc.
and instead there are now cards with very low mana cost like Lady in wait, Raging Vines, Rotfeeder, Vial of Fire.

Not only destruction has become easy also copying or stealing a very powerful creature has become easy.

Well I don't complain about it. I want it to be balanced!

Why in the hell would I save mana for Dragons, Titans or Giants for it's destruction, for it's steal? or for copying? No..

Why I am telling this is there is something miss that enjoys me.

I do like Bahamut but in that circumstances it is nor fun neither possible to play Bahamut.
Since 2012 I have been playing this game and the only hero that I enjoy is Bahamut. I don't even have 100 Mystical or Elemental games.

If the games has become uncontrollable and faster with lower mana average make it easier for Bahamut to summon creatures.

6 Charges - Destroy everything. (Both ally and enemy creatures, gears even runes)
7 Charges - Summon the next Ancient Creature from your deck in to play.

This is how Bahamut should be. In those circumstances.

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lol lol lol..This is not 2012 and it's a completely different game now( I was here in 2012). Baha is still strong and very playable. Stop complaining.


Gimme a dect to survive in standart arena except aggro deck.