Skeletons + Stone Simplicity

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Skeletons + Stone Simplicity

No idea why this was happening.

Hyp would have 2x 5/5 skeletons with dust and no reassemble out in top and middle slot.

I attack into top 5/5 skeleton with elara's zealots which dies and the 2 5/5 skeletons seem to die and then return.

This happened 2 or 3 times. I only got a screenshot after it occurred the last time.

Game has its own version of endless evil.


Update: It's Elara's Zealots.

When it dies, skeleton tokens die and reappear or just don't die.

Also occurred with Tenacious Demon with dust: it died and reappeared, or just didn't die when elara died.

So, the bug may apply to all undead/dark alliance tokens with dust or all undead/ dark alliance with dust.

A little surprised this hasn't been mentioned until now. Perhaps something in the last update triggered it then.