4th Unaligned Hero

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4th Unaligned Hero

Thinking about solving the "haster problem", that is, haster creatures are being overused, and that is being missinterpreted as they are too strong, wich isnt truth. Happens that people loves fast decks, and we dont have many available besides haste and burn.

My suggestions is giving 4 or less drops some alternatives, so they can be more of a threat before dying.

Hence, i came forth with Wraith, an extradimensional being missinterpreted as being a undead. The fact is that hes never lived, since he is a force of nature from another plan, where their inhabitants only knows pain and suffering. Where he came, only the fittests can survive, and now he found a breach into our world. In the folklore, we know him as a haint, a ghost or a phantom. In reality, he is a WRAITH.

14 life, 3 mana at the start.

1st ab: Negative Energy Backfire- 2 charges: target creature gains BACKFIRE 1.

2nd ab: Corrupt the Weak: 3 charges- Target creature with 4 or less mana cost loses all abilities. Than it gains INCORPOREAL and DOOM 2, and cant be targeted by spell or hero abilities (from both players).

3rd ab: Wicked Touch: 5 charges: deals 1 magic damage to the enemy for each free slot in his board.

New abilities description:

Backfire: everytime an enemy speel or ability targets this creature, he is dealt 1 magic damage for each backfire counter.

Incorporeal: target creature cant block or be blocked.

I think it will be a strong hero, so obviously let´s start the discussion about the OPness of my suggestions. But i think it could add some new nice elements to the meta, specially for those who like aggro play and are tired of hasters (notice that the 2nd ab makes haste useless).


Surprisingly enough - I actually like these ideas here. Of course I have no idea how it will affect game play but so far sounds good on paper.


i think there should be a new hero