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Love this game, but I've got an idea to make it better.

How about a feature to automatically convert to dust any unneeded cards you get by buying packs?

Say, I buy 10 core packs and receive like 5 Elvish Armaments. Now, I love Elvish Armaments, but I really do not need five of them. Especially since I already have a playset of 4 of 'em. So, I'll convert them to dust, right? Use them for some shiny cool rare through crafting.

Now, here's the thing. If you like this game and play it a lot, getting a surplus of cards isn't that hard. Manually converting them is. Well, not that it's hard, but it's such a chore to go through your whole collection, selecting the amount of cards of a certain type to be scrapped, rince, repeat, etc.

How about using an option that lets you automatically scrap any cards that are in a surplus of four? With the press of a button, my 5 unneeded Elvish Armaments would be instantly reduced to dust, along with the other dozens of cards I have too much of. It would make scrapping a lot easier to do, stimulate crafting and in turn probably stimulate the buying of packs as well.

It would come down to something like, "if more than 4, then scrap surplus". I'm no programmer, but surely that shouldn't be so difficult to implement in this game?

So, auto-scrap! Who's with me?

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It's only like 1000th time someone wrote about it :) Look around...It's really not the biggest issue with this game atm.

And manual scrapping is easy and fast. Complete waste of time, sure, but it's a part of this game.


Couldn't immediately find a topic about it. That might be another good idea: add a search function to this forum.


yes we should add it


The search topic and the auto-scrap options both.


I second the idea of an auto-crap option!


Auto scrap feature would actually make this game super awesome. I love this game and would want to see it become a lot more popular because it has all the potential and ingredients to one of the best game of modern days.
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