Random Effect Lock-In (A.I. Improvement)

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Random Effect Lock-In (A.I. Improvement)

So after learning about how the A.I. works (http://forum.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/3280), I thought I'd offer this suggestion:

Have the A.I. lock random effects.

This means that a Toxic Concoction would always have the same effect if used against the same creatures, regardless of those creatures' stats. Should the identity (not stats) of the target creatures change (say one dies before TC is used), then a new effect is calculated.

Similarly, a Clockwork Automaton's ability would be locked to the same effect for all the game states that the A.I. produces.

This would eliminate the A.I.'s ability to exploit RNG, reduce processing costs (through the caching of effects), and shift the differences of the game states the A.I. creates to differences of move order only.


yes I agree with u