Last update broke login

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Last update broke login

The latest update has broken the login for the iPad I went play as usual after the update but it just immediately says invalid info so I try logging in on my android with the exact same info and it logs me in but it's useless since the android app doesn't work. It's too buggy you press and press for hours and it does nothing just stays on the choose campaign guild etc screen. So until the iPad issue is fixed I have to play on my desktop or clunky laptop.(which is unlikely to happen so my guild will demote and eventually kick me) please fix this asap. I play on iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.1 Do the decks even monitor and read these forums? I see some old ones :-/ i already had to start over once when the newer app came out connected to the web version and lost all my heroes and cards and gems I don't have it I me to do it again please help to fix this issue asap


Same problem and concerns here, Sobie. I have to also agree with you that it doesn't appear this is monitored too closely. Not too sure when I'll be on next if this doesn't get addressed...