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KCCG support system - forum&wiki

Nice to hear you are focusing on marketing. Hopefully, it does come also with updating other support system like forum and wiki where new players can benefit more.

Need to overhaul forums.

- archive old threads, better yet put all threads now in a archive section, then reformat the whole forum with new sections. It is better to see every section have recent thread from 2016 =)
- MOST IMPORTANT, have a separate sections for IOS, Android, and PC. Tech issues are group together by platform so instant help is readily seen.
- need a search function - new players can easily search for topics, or better yet, any post containing search word

Update Wiki. It does not need to be fancy.


These are all good suggestions, it's just a matter of who will do it. Honestly I'd rather the devs work on content, rather than forums/wiki. If someone is willing to put in the effort, I think that would be great.


I would actually like some sort of search bar, to find specific forum threads easier. There are some very useful threads out there.


Part of marketing is the appearance of the game. And the game looks old in that perspective. Forums and Wiki need that "Ganz" stamp in them =)


i agree with cewen


I also agree with you cewen.


ja ja Ganz gut ja