New core - did it work?

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New core - did it work?

Its been one month of new core and time to analyze the results on the one metric that matters - fanbase size. Sorry to say it, but I was 100% right in my prediction - short, large increase for a small amount of time ~150 people online and then back to square one again. Yesterday I saw 29 people online and then 34 and then 32. The playing public has delivered the final verdict on the new core - it sux.

And, I think I was also right about the reasons for it not working. In the past month I've seen several newcomers complaining about PvP play not being balanced and then quit the game - and others have heard it too. The core problem that older players and VIPs have exclusive access to very hard to obtain cards that are dominating the arena was not addressed by new core and so it didn't work.

One has to ask why Karl bought the game. Did he buy it to make money or did he buy it because he loved the game and enjoys the ultra-competitive culture? If Karl is rich and bought the game because he loved it then he can do whatever he likes and does not have to answer to or please anyone because he is financially independent. It will be like owning a pacified spiteful demon.

However, if he bought the game to make money then GANZ should realize that the playing public as a collective is the "boss" who pays for the game. Even the players who are free to play are capable of recommending the game to a friend who might be a large payer. If an overwhelming majority of the playing public quit and there is no fanbase then there can be no income from the game. Right now, the "boss" is asking for 1) expanded campaign and 2) fairer matchmaking for newcomers in PvP.

Yet - all we see are new cards and advertising both of which have been proven not to work in the past. If GANZ is in it to make money then we should all be worried because they are going to kill the pacified spiteful demon sooner or later...


"Yet - all we see are new cards and advertising both of which have been proven not to work in the past."

I don't mean to be mean, but....really though? Are you really upset that they're producing new cards rather than further restricting what older players can play in hopes that it'll make it easier for new players?

If not for new content and advertising (something they've barely tried before) what do you suppose would bring in new players and keep old players playing? They already heavily restricted what you can use in standard/limited. Only 2 kingdoms, no cards from legacy and most of Tribes 2. What else do you think needs to be changed that would give new players equal footing?


The point I've made time and time again is that without an iphone app, there is not going to be any real growth in the fanbase. Before hearing from Karl, I was always hopeful that was a next step they were working on. Karl basically said that it was something that would take a lot of work and wasn't being worked on right now. Im happy to continue playing this game for the time being, but I can't recommend this game to friends, knowing that the reason why everyone of my friends plays Hearthstone is because it is mobile friendly.

We will see how the marketing piece plays out, but I think it is important that the playerbase encourages new players to focus on the training grounds and GW for the time being, with the knowledge that PVP is more end-game content at the highest level.


Update, for you may not have seen - the new "marketing" section karl has on blog. Its new stuff :).


@Diarr - I'm not suggesting that older players restrict themselves to anything more than what they are already experiencing. Right now the reality is that due to their dominance there are few new players around so its not as if they are losing anything. I suggest that the older players be restricted to just playing amoungst themselves unless they voluntarily choose to tone down their decks.

I believe that cutting out tribes 2, putting cards into legacy, 2k and new core are wasted development effort because they won't produce fanbase or income. All they do is just antagonize older players who have those cards. Simple solution - you choose to play with tribes 2 and the system ensures that your opponent has the means to defeat tribes 2 cards in their deck ensuring a 50/50 match...not the current domination that we're seeing now.

@placid and cewen - We should learn from the lessons of history. When new core was released there was some promotion/advertising resulting in a small growth in the fanbase - now if you type /list the sorry results are plain and obvious to see. What makes you think that advertising will retain people this time?

I again predict that this advertising will result in a small fanbase growth and when it stop it will go back down to what we're seeing again.


so your suggestion is that the older players only be able to play with eachother.
where is the cut off?
isnt that the point of epic tier guilds?
how does that change the reward system?
if there is only like 35 people on at a time, and 33 of them are the older players, those 2 other players can only play against eachother/only if they are both trying to play in the same arena at the same time...

i just dont understand suggestions that restrict players that have put in the time and effort to get what they have. maybe they should build a tutorial into the game that makes it clearer that pvp is considered end-game content, and that it isnt something that people can be top-100 with no time invested into the game.


I think the idea that new players are being turned away by old players is a complete and total illusion. In order for new players to be turned away, they'd need to start playing the game in the first place and that's just not happening.

It should be common sense to anyone who hasn't literally just started playing competitive video games yesterday that as a new player in virtually any game ever you'll have a hard time in PvP against vets. That's the nature of virtually anything competitive.

I have to ask you this. If you don't think new cards, advertisements, restrictions, or new sets is gonna bring in players. What do you think will?

And keep in mind this idea of a matching system would never work with an average of 30-40 players on at any given time. These new players need to come from somewhere. If not for the reasons listed above, what else do you suppose would bring them in?


New core - did it work?

it didn't.


New core - did it work?

It did not.

Looks like the nay sayers were right. And I hoped they were wrong. I have to admit that I am extremely bored with the new core arena. At first i thought i had to get used to the new meta. Adding some cards here. or removing some there. What happend with the removal of the "legacy" cards is that gameplay became very stale. Only creature focused.

As predicted nobody cares much for legacy arena. There are no rewards for it in the daily quests.

There is just not enough variation to make it interesting at this time. And the playerbase has dwindled because of it.

Without a new set of cards I am not going to try.