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In a game today with sawag we had a weird interaction with T'rror and Rak-Mul. I think its a bug, no one can figure it out so far.

Rak-Mul is in play for sawag, sawag casts T'rror. All my creatures die, sawag is left with a 3/2 Rak-Mul and a T'rror. He passes the turn.

I cast T'rror of my own, thinking it will kill his two Legendaries, but Rak-Mul survives and remained a 3/2. After reading and re-reading the card, I don't think this is right. He should've lost 3 life and been dead.

Even if his gain 5 life triggered for no reason, he would go up to a 3/7, and back down to a 3/4 + gain an ability. This didn't happen. He just lost 0 life. sawags T'rror died as normal though. There was nothing else in play (no rune words or gear).

Any ideas or just a bug?

- KK


Sounds like a bug to me. Unless I am mistaken you shouldn't have been able to play your T'rror if there was already one in play.

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It wasn't his Trror, that has already been in play. Legendary rule doesn't apply here.