2K Interaction

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2K Interaction

I wonder why nobody thought of this before: More 2K interaction. Basically it would take deckbuilding to a whole new level and a lot more reasons to play 2K decks. There is no visible inter-kingdom combos (except for Alliances and Tribal). I propose 3 solutions to this problem.

1. Dual Kingdom Cards: Not all the kingdoms conflict each other. Alchemy Undead Frankenstein monsters make sense. So do Ancient Elemental Doomsday Dragons. So 2K cards? Why not?

2. 2K Tribal: Creatures should not be limited by Kingdom. Dragons look cool anywhere. Elves can be Mystical. So 2K Tribal? Why not?

3. Printed effects: probably the most straightforward 2K interaction, why not?


undead elves and fairy titans? sign me up :D


sound pretty cool tbh :). Could have mixed abilities too.

E.g: Enraged Dwarf
elemental alchemy
5 mana

Alchemy: On enter; gain 2 charges
Elemental: This card loses 1 health and gains haste


sign me up.

I actually just want a new set of cards soon:)


sign me up as well.