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Legacy Packs

Current way to obtain Legacy Cards:

- Market
- Singles
- Tournament and Kingdom Packs

Had a huge debate with SuperNinjaZZ on this; so he can explain all the reasons.

New CORE was made to clearly direct new players to this new set; a set with no terribly, unusable cards (mana moth, sorry Law) but also no "overpowered" cards to give new players a chance (Realm Crusher).

But currently, if a new player wants to buy Lgecay cards because he/she wants to go into Legacy Arena or compete better in Guilds: That player will have to spend an unbelievable amount of gems for a single card (85 max per epic). This may not seem like an issue, but it turns reviwers int thinking "Pay2Win".

Solution: I suggest there is a thing called "Legacy" Pack. Now, currently your probably thinking:
You - "That defeats the whole idea of spiliting the sets apart, and only causes more confusion for new players!"

Not if the currency for these packs is Honour. Not only does this mean you must be a competitive guild player, to buy packs for this, but it also encourages new players to compete in guilds to get Legacy Cards.

Gold Legacy Pack Bonus's - (One Legacy Stone, 10-20 Essence and 10% Extra Chance for an Epic): 250 Honour
3 Gold Legacy Packs: 500 Honour (without the Bonus's)

EDIT: With this idea, the changes to how much honour a player receives from a battle win or defence win should probably be taken into account (which I haven't yet, feel free to debate that) along with the *current* prices for Guild Cards (I am also FOR lowering the prices of those cards).


I think this is pretty well thought out, cewen. I was ready to jump down your throat after reading the first couple of paragraphs (not all content has to be available to every player immediately) but then I read that Honor would be used to pay for the packs. I think its a decent idea.
The only issue I can see is that there is so much garbage in Legacy that maybe the packs would have multiple rares with each at a chance for an epic/leg. I mean, buying a pack of tribes was bad enough, because you seldom had a chance to get one of the few good cards you were looking for, but now its tribes, rise, eve all with their garbage combined.
I would like to have a way to access some of the legacy cards a little easier, but at the same time, those folks that have those cards had put in the effort to get them. If i have to work a bit harder because I took a couple years off from the game, thats on me.


Fair point. I don't see why it can't be a pack which holds 10 cards, 4 common, 4 uncommon, 2 rare or better.

Main idea of honour being the currency, is because (I think so anyway) - is puts us back to square 1, with new players having more options than needed. That's why I was against 10k packs.
Honour just seems like the perfect currency for this case, and it gives players an incentive to do guild wars.

The pack costs and bonus's I put down are pretty rough idea. But I did debate with superninja about this topic (to some extent) in chat, so it kinda has some thought into it :). Cheers.


This idea sounds great. New players get the core packs they need to be competitive, and old players who have already got their vul'grath and 4 Brewmasters/Roadmaker/Zombie Overlord can use their honour for getting the old cards to form a clever legacy deck. New player don't get confused and old timers can collect legacy cards. Excellent


this idea sounds great but how do we change prices


I do not like the honour idea. Means non guild players can not buy it.


It just encourages the player to play in guilds then, and if its a new player who can't get honour easily . . good!

New players should be focusing on getting core packs, not legacy packs. That's why I specially think having honour for legacy pack currency would be the best option. If you got any other ideas, please say but I doubt there's anything better than honour (not including gems and gold for obvious reasons) for "legacy Pack Currency".


Not only new players.

It would exclude any player to get their hands on it unless they engage in the GW part of the game, or force them to partake in it. So you would have to GW to get stuff to us in an arena.

If it contains cards for and is called after an arena, would it no make sense that you meet the requirements by doing arena. For example, have played or won 5000 arena matches to unlock it for purchase with gold. You cant buy it until you have 5000 matches under your belt. That would also exclude for new players.

Though I don't even see the need to keep anything from new players, I do see the need of not forcing people into guild wars more then it currently is. They could be marked with a cautionary note.