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Dark vs Light

I just deleted a spam post, but in it's rambling it kept saying dark guilds vs light guilds and it got me thinking. Kingdoms could stand to implement dark vs light a bit more, somehow. Whether in guilds or somewhere else.

Maybe guilds could could be a "raid" situation, where there's 6 bosses that your guild has to face, one from each kingdom, and each has to be beaten with a deck of the opposite kingdom. There could be, say, 40 rounds of this, each round progressively harder, and the guild would have to work together to beat the 6 bosses to unlock the next round of 6 bosses. That ends up being 240 fights, not that different from the 225 currently set up, and there wouldn't be any of this "build an AI defense-deck" stuff. The further you get, the more gold/honor you earn. You get fun AI fights, an interesting deck-building premise, and you could still keep the guild leaderboards for wins.

It would encourage more teamwork and fun action, and since the game gives out 7 free heroes (and rotating heroes), you should always be able to move forward. And if you don't have, say, an ancient hero, you could depend on another guild mate to beat that boss while you fight another.


seems like a really cool idea.
i guess id prefer it as an addition to guilds, rather than just a straight up switch from gws to a raid


I would prefer this to the current Guilds I think. Just because it sounds interesting and has more of a theme to it rather than brutal agonising battles against the same style of decks.

This idea also seems to make guild wars easier for new players, to some extent (as it gets harder and harder of course)