Holy Kingdom seems a little dim in current meta

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Holy Kingdom seems a little dim in current meta

I think Holy kingdom needs some buffs. I can't even see ppl playing holy heroes nowadays. Who plays Belnir or Akatril in standard ?

Surely, we can have decent decks with holy in Legacy arena or should be said with any kind of kingdoms, but we focus on Standard or Limted one.

I've been playing this game around 4 years, Meta changed from time to time.
Once, Holy was strong with the super Akatril. Blessed champion was playable cuz of her on-enter effect. Holy was competitive.

The current meta seems to be unfriendly to Holy. Holy creatures are too weak that I can't even find decent ones to add in my deck.

Since every kingdom has their own ways to rush down and be able to resist the rapid elemental spells, why Holy die from it all the time ? The holy spell for rushing is RTG, but it seems more suitable for fairies. What holy creatures can go match it ?

Maybe make some buffs on creatures like changing back the on-enter of Blessed Champion or something else. Either heroes or cards.
Yep...I know we can't save holy by buffing one card only.

(plz comment if any weird grammars, wrong spells, or unclear meaning)

Thank you !