Feature - Alisten Challenge: AI ability->Supress

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Feature - Alisten Challenge: AI ability->Supress

Area: Feature (campaign AI hero abilities)
Description: In the Alisten Challenge the AI Hero (Mermaid Tyrant) has an ability called Supress:

Supress: Enemy creatures cannot enter play with abilities


  • Supress appears to affect all creatures, not just enemy creatures.
  • Supress overrides 'while' effects (ie: "Furious Bonebreaker: While this creature is opposed, it has Haste" Playing FB into an opposed slot will not give haste. Moving the FB to an opposed slot will not give haste unless it was first moved to an unopposed slot. The haste given does not allow it to attack that turn.)
  • (Probably the same as above) Supress overrides ability granting gear (ie: Flag of Allegiance). The gear indicates that ally creatures *have* xxxxx ability (ie: "*While* this gear is in-play ally creatures have xxxxx ability"). The gear don't mention that the ability is given on-creature-enter.


  • I understand *why* this happens programatically. I just don't think it should based on the ability text. The ability certainly shouldn't affect the AI's creatures.
  • The issue described above regarding ability granting gear (and the 'while' issue in-general I suppose) is wide-spread (and well known/supported?) and is not unique to this ability.

Edit: Additional information but may be outdated: Mermaid Tyrant - Supress