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Hero Specific Quests

While I understand the idea of forcing players to try a different hero each day for the gem reward is to encourage diversity and get people to try different things and all that. It was fine when players at least still had the option to just forfeit 10 times in beginner if they didn't have a deck for that hero and didn't want to risk their rating in the other formats.

Without beginner, the hero specific quests put you in the position of either straight out giving up the gem for that day or risking your rating by being forced to play a hero that you might not have a good deck for. Not to mention that you now VERY often have to wait 30 seconds between games and just end up playing AI anyway.

I've personally ALWAYS disliked the hero specific quests even before the changes but they're especially that much more of a burden now. I've had to sort of "give up" on limited because of them and let limited be the arena where I just forfeit 10 times with whatever the hero is. Meaning I'll always have to miss out on any leaderboards rewards for limited or give up gems.

It would make more sense if it was "win 10 games in legacy". But I understand legacy is a sort of maligned format for some reason. Even just "play 10 games". Anything that doesn't force players who care about their rating to HAVE to risk it by playing a hero that sucks or "gaining 25 life" or "removing 10 corpses".


"I understand legacy is a sort of maligned format for some reason" - I've found legacy games to be the easiest to start recently. Hero specific quests are kind of dumb though given that there's no longer way to play without playing for rating. That's all.


I'd agree the hero quests are indeed one of the worst features in the game, but the other "remove corpses, gain mana/health, draw cards" style quests are a bit dull as well. I wish they were more like the interesting hero triumphs, but those are only possible because they are hero specific, which is our problem. Maybe we could come up with something new like that though.


Agree with Oogie. Id like to see more of "beat one enemy in 5 or less turns" and other quests more like the achievments. "win a game without using any gear", "win 3 games without targeting the opponent with a spell", "win a game without targeting enemy's creatures with a spell", "win 5 games with 14 or more life", "win a game without taking damage from creatures(or spells)", "win 5 games against enemies with a higher rating", "win a game by casting at maximum 2 creatures".

Just examples


I agree with dihearr