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Max Ticket Count

Hey just wondering whats the reason for the ticket count being as low as 11 if you need 5 per paid tournament? Are there any valid reasons for that? I can see several reasons for it not beeing unlimted or extremely high but I really think 11 seems to be too low.

I dont think increasing it to like 21 (or even 26/ 31) would hurt anyone but it would make playing tournaments waaaaaay more convenient. At the moment I am regulary facing the problem of 1. not having a paid sealed to join (or it doesnt fill up) 2. sitting at like 9-10 tickets which makes joining the free one feel odd. On the other side I am also kinda often facing the problem of not having enough tickets when I want to join a paid one.

Long story short, I feel like its way to difficult to balance your tickets. I love playing tournaments but I dont feel like that current ticketsystem with its limitations is encouraging me to do so ; (


I think the original idea was that they didnt want the best players consistently dominating the tourneys. So they put a cap in there somewhere.

A lot of the community has expressed that they don't care for the current system, Karl may address it at some point in the future.


I too hope for the ticket limit to be increased.

Back in Oct 2015 this note about tournaments was posted in the blog:


We're definitely not happy with how Tournaments have been designed. There should never be a point where you can go to the Tournaments section and not have a Tournament to enter. You should also know how many players are waiting for a tournament to start, and - crazy thought - every tournament should actually start.

We have planned out and designed a completely new Tournament System. This system will have on-demand tournaments. As soon as a tournament fills at 4 or 8 players (depending on the event) it will begin and another tournament will open. Formats will rotate weekly, so you'll know what is available before you even log in.

We currently don't have a timeline for this feature, but it is very important to us, and we hope to have it in place by early 2016.

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Its now mid 2016.

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Stay tuned lol