A total time limit for arenas

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A total time limit for arenas

Hi there,

we have in the arenas of this game a long time problem, sore losers/trolls.

Several players have the reputation to troll the game by waiting each round for the full time once they are about to lose. This a trend which comes and goes but the solution could be quite easy:

Get a second time limit for the overall game for each player. This way you could reduce the opportunity to win games by trolling.

The final overall limit could be calculated using data GANZ has access to.


Could be like tournaments - 180 secs per game, to keep the flow in arenas quite fast.


Would not hate this, only issue is that games vs afk players would take way longer and I wouldn't have as much time to play out my janky combos (not that it's realistic anymore with gear cap). Doesn't really stop trolls, they'll just go afk and you wait 2 minutes


As I have mentioned.... it should be a second overall time limit. I don`t see any point to remove the 30 seconds time limit per turn.

The total time is something which could be calculated by Ganz. 180 seconds could be short... I don`t know.


why not have it decline with every round if you didn't play anything last round? 30sec, then 25, then 20 etc etc every turn


I don't feel like this is necessary, and I'm guessing this is just a response to people who like to slowroll every match. Karls stance in the past has been that while this is being a poor sport, its not against any rules.

The unintended consequence of adding something like this in is that it negatively affects people who choose to build stall/lifegain style decks. A lot of people might hate those decks, but they exist and the people that play them shouldnt be punished for doing so.


yeah i think the time limit should be down two 120 seconds


I think it should stay like it is. Like placidfac wrote above, it is the only way to play against stall/lifegain decks.

A lot of people hate these decks, but they exist and they shouldn't be punished for doing so.
The 30 seconds per round also exist and people shouldn't be punished for using the full 30 seconds.


or milling