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Arena awards

I want to make two comments on arena awards.

1. After 20 battles one could potentially exhaust all arena awards for a given day.
I personally enjoy arena battles the most, and I feel like it kinda sucks that arena rewards get used up so quickly. That said, I think it'd be awesome if the "Win 20 battle" reward would be replaced with a incremental challenge of sorts.
This is what I'd like to see.
At the beginning of any given day the quest will state: "Win 10 battles"
And after that quest is finished, it'd be replaced by a new quest, such as "Win 20 battles" (And it's up to you if that'd include the 10 battles from earlier.)
An example for how this quest series could go could be something like

Win 5 battles>>Win 10 battles>Win 25 Battles>Win 50 Battles>Win 75 battles> Win 100 battles
250 gold reward>500Gold>>>>1000 gold>>>2000 Gold>>>2000 Gold>>> 1 Gem
And from there on it could increase be 20 battles per reward, with a 1000 gold reward per quest.

2. Since there's a 10-win reward for limited and standerd arenas, shouldn't we also have one for legacy?

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Actually it's funny, the quests were implemented by Antic because people were fighting in arena all the time and getting too much gold. Now we have the opposite problem. Though, I've been getting more matches since the update.


Seriously? Looks like we came full circle then :P

I suggest quests be adjusted. They should not be restrictive but at the same time slightly challenging
(e.g: Draw 20 cards in a single game - 2k gold)


Well, the way it is now, you can do your arena battles, then guild war, then you're pretty much out of decent farming for gold. There is the occasional tourney. If they make just one quest that resets/updates more frequently it'd give people for to do while not giving them much additional reward, which would encourage them to participate in other things such as guild wars or tournaments, but not make arena battles unprofitable.


I think ongoing quests or atleast a small reward per game/ win in arena wouldnt be bad. As soon as I finished my quests in arena I wont bother with it anymore because I need to build up my card pool and well no quests = no collection reward ; (


i agree with blub


It could increase arena activity. But make award the win for PvP only, not count vs AI.